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Good Government: Two Degrees of Morality
This post is quite a bit heavier and more serious than others that I've written. You've been warned. ahem I consider myself a conservative libertarian: I, like John Adams, am in favor of "a moral and religious people" and believe that "no government, arme...

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A Sunbeam at my Front Door
My wife and I have been in Primary teaching the Sunbeams (ages 3 and 4) for several months now.  Recently, the teachers of the other Sunbeam class were called to teach another class in the Primary, so their Sunbeam class was combined with our Sunbeam class....

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Writer's Block (Help, There's No End!)
I've made an incredible discovery. I have unending writer's block. I mentioned previously that my prior attempts at blogging had all failed, and I've held close to my heart the idea that the reason for their failure was simply because I had less motivation ...

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Jack, Properly; or, I Cop Out of My First Post
I've considered creating my own blog--and have, pseudonymously, on a couple occasions--but the pressure of keeping it up to date and the realization that almost no one will ever read it have, to this point, deterred me from really ever taking it seriously. ...
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