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I have pretty much stopped using opera max. Slow slow VPN and nothing seems to load correctly. I spend more time turning it on and off then I care too. It has become more of a pain in the butt than it is worth. Must be so many users because it used to be OK. And to top it off the "recharge" and ads are so annoying... I've just given up.

We need a one tap way to turn it on and off. So many apps don't work with the running (understandable) but when you have to click and wait for the screen and then open another screen to turn it off its a pain. Maybe a button in the notification? 

I had 90 day of "savings" but when I reset my phone it dropped to 40. Bug? 

Why is Opera Maxx now using so much Back Ground data. Almost 3 GB this month!! I've gone over data usage because if it. This never happened before the latest up date. 

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I present to you the Waffle Taco, from Taco Bell. That's right, just like your waistline is to your pants, the kings of the 3am drive-thru are expanding into the rapidly growing fast-food breakfast market.

Look to stuff one of these babies into your hungover face beginning the last weekend of March.

#FastFood   #TacoBell   #McDonalds #Diabetes  

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I had not thought of this incident in a while. Thanks for the reminder Johnny Chandler. 
This story is several years old, but it's such a great one, I wanted to share it. Here is +Ralph Wilcken 's first time using lump charcoal.


Happy Birthday, +Neil Bigmista Strawder! Let's try this again.
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