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Walter Butti
I love to explore and try out new foods and wine and then share my experiences
I love to explore and try out new foods and wine and then share my experiences

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Working in Paradise
As a chef you can never complain about where you work as the world is literally your oyster and you can go out there and explore. I do that since nearly 30 years and I am not tired of it. So after working for three and a half years in a paradise called The ...

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Crispy Risotto by Chef Igor Macchia
Here is a recipe that I though many of you would like because even so it is a Michelin starred recipes, you can actually as well use your left over risotto and dress it up beautifully. Of course we made everything from scratch, but that should be like this ...

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Beef Tenderloin Recipe by Igor Macchia
As promised, here the first recipe in a long time. As we are talking about Igor Macchia, I have taken the liberty to share his recipe with you. It is a bit labor intensive than many others, but then, you want to cook one Michelin Star cuisine...then you hav...

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Cooking with a Michelin starred Chef
Lobster Carpaccio Today I just wanted to tell you a bit about our latest event we did with a Michelin starred Chef. His name is Igor Macchia and he traveled all the way from Italy to us in Maldives to cook with us and produce 2 amazing dinners. Igor usually...

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It has been too long
As the title says, it has been too long that I have not written a single Blog and one of my new years resolutions is that I am writing again regularly, something that I actually always enjoyed but due to a really hectic time at work totally put on the back ...

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Fruit Bread
We have started an amazing little cheese board in one of our outlets, called The Living Room. Here we serve a cuisine which we like to call personal dining. This means, the chef goes to see the guests during breakfast, asks them what they like to have and t...

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Break time is over
Looking for stories? Found them!!! It has been a while since I have published a blog, it has been a busy time here in Maldives and the writing was not high on the priority list....but I think I can make a little time to publish a blog from time to time Mald...

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We do have a daily special in our Italian Restaurant, Terrazzo and we do serve it as well in our second restaurant, Sea-Fire-Salt. It makes sense as both restaurants are actually served out of the same kitchen, so the special is easy to be prepared for 2 re...

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Cured Wagyu Beef Salad
As promised I am busy again with new dishes and recipes and am happy to share some of the new dishes. I know it took a little longer than expected, but finally I have some time to share the recipes. I am trying to get back into the routine of writing 4 to 5...

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Anantara Maldives
It has been very quiet lately on my Blog. The reason for this is my new job, Cluster Executive Chef at Anantara Maldives. As you can imagine, the cluster stands for more than one hotel, and yes in fact there are three hotels which are very close together an...
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