I just got a new shipment of silicon wafers this week!  Very exciting for me, since they are rare and hard to find, but absolutely gorgeous and infinitely fun to photograph.  I got some great bokeh shots of the lights reflecting from this one so I am sharing it today for:

#colorsonfriday +ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer

and #hqspnonnaturephotos +HQSP Non-Nature Photos curated by +Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes +Rhea Surgimath and +Alison Thurston

and +Macro4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen 

In a moment I'll post a photo of the whole wafer.  I had never seen silicon wafers until I went to the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, California.  They had a bunch of them and I fell in love with the flash and the color.  Even then it took me months to find a source to buy them.  This one came from:   http://stores.ebay.com/Silicon-Wafers-Inc
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