Bi-Weekly Writing Competition: Aug 11 - 25

Here's another chance to flex your storytelling muscles with some flash fiction. The stories from these prompts are always so creative and fun. I hope you'll take a few minutes to share your creativity with us.

For the summer months we have moved from weekly competitions to one competition every two weeks.  You have until Aug 25 to submit AND VOTE. 

Please read the following rules before you post. Submissions/comments that don't follow the rules will be removed, no matter how awesome. Sorry.

1) All submissions must be added as a COMMENT to this post, not as new posts in this section (or anywhere else). 

2) All submissions must be less than 600 words.

3) Only include the title and text of your submission in your comment. Please don't add any questions, links, commentary, requests for feedback, etc. Stories/poems only!

4) Your submission must include the photo in some capacity - be creative.

5) ANYONE CAN VOTE. Not only that, anyone can +1 as many entries as they like! You don't have to pick just one.

6) Anyone can add their submission at any time in the week. However, the voting will be counted and a winner chosen on Aug 25th at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. (But feel free to keep plussing anyway!)

7) Winners are chosen by +1 count. Just that simple. (Ties will be broken by sudden death cage match.)

8) However, if you +1 your own submission, please also +1 at least one other submission.

What you win:
-Admiration and envy from your fellow writers
-A chance to practice, practice, practice
-Your submission re-posted at the conclusion of the contest and added to Featured Posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Have fun! Be creative!
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