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Hey there! Have you ever wanted your own copy of A Grandiose Disaster, the live action roleplaying system for running your own disaster and horror movie house party larps? (I wrote it, btw).

Well it is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG and publisher +Nathan Paoletta's site. It comes with five scenarios AND there are four additional scenarios (by +Kirt Dankmyer, +Carol Johnson, +Caitlynn Belle, and +Megan Pedersen) available too.

A Grandiose Disaster is a lot of fun as you run through a disaster or horror movie, trying to decide who lives and who dies. Get it at:


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Look what was waiting for me when I got home! Thanks +Nathan Paoletta for making it a reality and making it look so great!

I have just released a new larp for free download on my website. It is a radical departure from my previous body of work as it is both serious and educational. The larp is entitled Intervention and is designed to teach a method of non-violent assistance to someone who is being publicly harassed. It is based on an illustration by the French artist Maeril. You can download the larp here:

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So, in 2017, there will be an all larp convention, Intercon Q. The Q is for "Quixotic". (The conventions are lettered, not numbered.) See for the details -- the where, the when, and the larp we've committed to run.

+Gaylord Tang, Our Quixotic Leader, decided to pitch Lullaby of Broadway 3, the third of +Secretly Mike Young's Lullaby of Broadway larps. It was a full weekend long larp created by mashing plots of several Broadway musicals together, and we had a blast playing it.

We won't be running it over a full weekend. In fact, I understand we're going to be running it over Thursday evening through Friday at midnight at Intercon Q. And, there are a lot of roles in this -- our minimum to run is 41 people.

Singing is encouraged, but not required. Come play -- and let us know if you have any questions.

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Masks of the Mummy Kings!
Coming Soon: Masks of the Mummy Kings

Hi friends! I am very close to releasing the stand-alone, expanded and revised version of my tomb-robbing adventure game Masks of the Mummy Kings. Originally published in +Epidiah Ravachol's Worlds Without Master (Issue 9!), I've polished up the rules a little bit and added a whole bunch of material that explicates the core playstyle, how to approach the game and examples of the game in action.

This is a cooperative game where you quickly build your Rogue character by choosing the two halves of the mask they wear; the group then delves into the Tomb to discover more treasures (and potentially new and more potent Masks). It's diceless, asks for creative narrative improvisation from all players, and is prep-neutral from the GM's perspective (that is, it works equally well if you load up on prep or run it all on the fly).

Right now, the PDF is available to backers of my Patreon. I'm in the process of proofing a 34-page booklet print version as well. Once that's all the set, patrons will get their rewards and then the whole thing will go out to the public.

My Patreon:
Direct link to the post with the PDF:

So, if this is something you're interested in and you want to check it right away, it's only $1/month away via backing my Patreon! Or wait until August (probably) and it'll be available for public consumption.

Big thanks to +Rachel Kahn for knocking the cover out of the park, and OF COURSE my gracious patrons who have supported the development of this project.

Monday! Monday will be the last day you can support the A Grandiose Disaster kickstarter. Only 2ish more days to make the final two stretch goal scenarios a reality!

Hi folks! New World Magischola, running in Richmond Virginia in June and July, really really needs NPCs, even for part of the weekend. There are four runs:
• June 16-19, 2016
• June 23-26, 2016
• July 21-24, 2016
• July 28-31, 2016
If you are interested, please check out this form:
For more info:
Thanks very much! (Please share; they really need people) Thanks!

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As we head into the final week of the A Grandiose Disaster kickstarter, we get to have a party... a Donner Party.

The little charter flight over the Dubanina Mountains had always been one of Northern Lights Adventure Tours biggest selling points to its clients - beautiful views of the snow capped peaks and a shortcut that shaved hours off the beginnings of their arctic exploits. That is, until this time. This time everything that could go wrong, did. You're not sure if surviving the crash was a blessing or a curse.
Because it's cold.
There's nothing to eat.
And there's nobody coming to help you.

+Megan Pedersen's The Long Way Home promises to be an excellent scenario. And it isn't too late to make it happen.

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Hi folks! Well, we have one week left for the A Grandiose Disaster kickstarter. We easily met our funding and have hit two wonderful stretch goals. And we are closing in on our next stretch goals, Carol Johnson's Tremors based scenario. We have two other stretch goals after that, so if you want to see even more Disaster, please back now before it is too late. Thanks!

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I have Hatch Fever! We ALL have Hatch Fever! Don't worry; the only symptom is that we now have access to +Caitlynn Belle's scenario for A Grandiose Disaster! Thanks folks. +Nathan Paoletta will release the info on the next stretch goal scenario real soon now.
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