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Roll call! Everyone who went to the February 26th, 2012 RepRap party, post here what your name is, a link to your picture (if you don't have one on your google+ profile), and who was with you. Everyone can comment on existing posts like this one. --Jeff
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Greetings all. I was the reprap-less guy who collected the pizza money. Hopefully I'll need to describe myself differently at the next meeting.
I wanna see two things: 1) that same spool setup with PLA, and 2) lots of crazy back-and-forth zigzag prints with it set up for PLA without any X-skips. :)
I was the one carrying around a camera and sniping pictures of everyone. My injection mold was also the "ugly duckling" of the party.
Dan M
Hi Katy. Sorry, I had forgotten your name.
I was the one with a work-in-progress prusa parked next to Ross Prime.
I'm Tim, I was the big guy with the grey sweatshirt, with Dave and Tyler, at the middle table, doing soldering and trying to get our framed reprap closer to a functioning reprap. :)
Ya know what's funny? Now after seeing you guys on Google+ I think I'd remember your names when I saw you again in real life, but in person it was tougher. Text communication vs in-person speaking. :)
late to the party and...well...late to the party. google+ was not kind to me. I'm John, one of the walking reprapless -- the one with the linear slide... and car trouble.
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