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Lance Evans
Chief Instructor, Evans ATA Black Belt Academy
Chief Instructor, Evans ATA Black Belt Academy


Hello --
I need someone familiar with Chrome Remote Desktop, please

Okay, question. I own a business, and we moved over a year ago. I am trying to move the "pin" on Google Maps to reflect the new address, and I keep getting an auto-generated computer response that tells me they can't change the information because "they can't verify it".

Does anyone know a way to interact with a human being or resolve this issue faster than what I'm doing??

New Session at Evans ATA, starting on Monday, Nov. 3rd!  Change is in the air!  If you have not yet seen or received the new schedule(s), please contact Mr. E immediately!

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All math teachers need to be aware of an App called PhotoMath, where a student can use their phone/iPod camera to scan a math problem out of their textbook, and the answer will show up, and by clicking a button, the App will display how to solve the problem.
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