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Zero Worldly Debt, Infinite Hereafter Investment
Zero Worldly Debt, Infinite Hereafter Investment

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How To: Create Custom Objects in iOS Apps
Hey guys. Another noobies tutorial!!!!! First, an intro. My latest app just been approved by Apple so I guess I will write about that (HA!! :P) The app is called QuikFlix . It is a movie database app. I made the app because I needed it. I was always trying ...

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How To: Embed SpriteKit In UIViewController
Time for another simple iOS Tutorial! First, a witty intro. It is not always best to be the first. Sometimes, being last is best. Ok, Lets get on with the tutorial then. It is really easy to add a spritekit scene in your viewcontroller. All you gotta do is ...

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How to Pass Data Between UIViewControllers: The Global Variable & The Singleton Class
Say what now? Global? Singleton ? Isn't that the one who married Prince William? No. That would be Ms Middleton . Noobies like us tend to get intimidated by these names because they sound so complicated.  But the truth is, it is quite simple. When you creat...

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How To: Facebook Upload Photo and Update Status Using SSO - Easiest Way (2012 Facebook SDK)
Hiya. Another tutorial with sample project for noobs! YAY! Facebook SDK for iOS. Scary isn't it. Oooooo.... brrrrrr...... You will be if you go through their iOS integration tutorials. I have never used FB SDK directly before this. I used a FB wrapper Faceb...

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Cocos2D Tutorial: How to Make a Universal Game
Hey guys. I actually have tonnes of ideas to make tutorials on, but damnit I'm too busy making apps and games right now. I have 2 apps in the queue and 1 game. My third game is finally using cocos2d. Yeah I know, I am late in the cocos2d bandwagon, but hey,...

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Free Custom UISwitch - Flexible Colors and Size
What's up wonderful people? This is NOT a tutorial. :D However there is a downloadable Sample Code. I'd like to give away this little custom UISwitch-like class I made. I realize there are already other custom UISwitches that are cool (like https://github.c...

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How To: Convert Your App Into Flat Design (iOS7) Easily
What's up? The sky. iOS7 Flat Design. Many thought flat design is easy. But after trying to design it myself I find that flat design is WAY HARDER than Skeumorphic design. With flat design, every single aspect of the design MUST come together in perfect har...

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How To: Make Custom iOS Number Keyboard on iPad
OMG I just submitted my latest app. XD So today, I am going to tutor wonderful programmers to make a custom UIKeyboard buttons. In particular, we are making numbers keyboard for iPad only. As we know, iPads don't have a "numbers only" keyboard. Since iPad i...

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SKScrollView: SKSpriteKit ScrollView for Games Levels
Hey guys how are you doing? Hope you are doing great. I have a sample project to share. Well, as usual, I wanted to do something and then search around and most of available solution is way too complicated or not to my liking. So I MAKE ONE MYSELF. YAYYYYYY...

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How To: Create Swipeable Tableview Cell with Any Objects
AW YISSS! Hey guys what's going on. Been a while since I last wrote any tutorial for you wonderful programmers. So today I found some time to write it. Something broke in my blog - the source code part doesn't appear as they should! I apologize but as I che...
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