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David Rusli
Regular kid in an unnatural world
Regular kid in an unnatural world

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Chapter 16: A Sacrifice for Solitude
People come and go in our lives. Most of the time though, we never realize it. We took those people for granted just because we know we're going to still meet them some time in the future. We took 'for every hello, there's a goodbye' and stuck them in our p...

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Chapter 15: "Will You Fight for Honour, or Fight for Your Life?"
"Geez...", Oxide sighed whilst playing with his drink. Val could only curiously look at her brother while still cleaning a counter. "What's up Nii-san 1 ? You look rather bothered", Mikazuki said while continuing cleaning her butterfly swords. "You know... ...

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Chapter 14: For Today a Dream...
"Welcome adventurers!", a voice called out in a pitch black surrounding. "We have been expecting you. We have requested help, but not many have complied with us. We are very happy for you to help us in our time of need." "This is our darkest hour. Lately th...

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Chapter 13: "Let's Start the Game"
A room filled with computer screens, accompanied by the constant whirring of the computers, a figure looked into the big screen on display and laughed. "Is this finally the time where I can witness people fighting for their lives?". Fixing his glasses and r...

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Chapter 12: Behind the Curtains
"What the heck", Havok cursed. "What is wrong with this world?", he continued as he punched a pole. "Geez... Don't sweat it", I said to him as I walked away. "What do you mean by don't sweat it?!", he said as he grabbed my hood and yanked me towards him. "W...

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A Closing Curtain for those Precious Years
"Thanks for everything". Apa itu bener2 sesuatu yg mw gw denger ato baca? Kata2 yg seolah blng kl suatu hubungan udh selesai. Mngkn ini subjektifitas gw, tp bukan kah kata2 trsebut agk lonely? 24 Mei 2014. Hari dimana anak2 CC14 dianggap lulus dr SMA. Brawa...

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Chapter 11: Different Players
There's just something wrong with this game. I couldn't understand most parts of it. Usually a level boss on an MMORPG would be a monster or some other thing not human. But according to Havok's information that he shared with everyone, he said that the port...

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Chapter 10: The Blacksmith's Apprentice
"It's closed?", I asked. "Seems like it", Barrios answered. "Although I was drooling this morning for a toast", he said as he flooded the streets with tears, and all I can do is smile wryly at him. Both me and Barrios had the same idea in mind this morning....

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Chapter 9: The Extortion, part 2
"Your present mother isn't your biological mother.", my so-called father said. "What about Takagi?", I asked. "He's our child. In other words-" "My half-brother.", I cut him off, taking the words right out of his mouth. He looked kinda shocked for a second,...

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Don't Lose Your Way
YO! setelah sekian lama menghilang balik lg Udh lama gk megang nih blog. Nih blog emg rada2 buat ngeblabber about stuff yg lg di otak aj, sayangnya kdng apa yg gw pikirin ilang entah kmn ahahaha. Well, blog ini emg hasil pikiran-pikiran gw sih, bs bener a...
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