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453. Born Pretty Store XL Marshmallow Stamper and Black Refill Head
After an Easter holiday, a very bad cold, etc. I’m here again and I’m
going to bring you a stamper test. The very first one on my blog although I
used to use several ones. I don’t really have special ones and I’m not the
master of stamping but I like to do ...
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452. Colors by Llarowe x Nailland x LakkomLakkom - Berry Gem
As a nail polish blogger, I always check the
new collections, make lists of my favourites and what I want to own. Normally,
I do not order everything immediately because I want to read about them first. On
the other hand, sometimes webshops come out with co...
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Earlier, I did a lot of manicure by free hand
and I loved to do it. Then I had the time for it but lately I skip it all the
time. To be honest, I miss it so much. So, I decided that I will do more when I
have the time for it. Today, I brought you a not that...
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450. Born Pretty Store Nail Art Shell Sticker
I always was curious about the sparkly,
holographic, etc nail stickers, and I ordered it from the Born Pretty Store . When I got it I could see that it
is so gorgeous even in the pack (little bit small, but enough for some manicures)
and I couldn’t wait to ...
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449. Maria's Nail on TLCme!
Everyone, It is a quick post about a great thing for me.
This early morning, my manicure was in a video which is called TLCme NOW! TLC
is a channel with a tons of reality shows (my guilty pleasure) and they have
the TLCme online part where they make quic...
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448. NAIL inspiration! #13 - Flowers
Easy one If you want a fancy and beautyful floral nail art, which is easy AF, then you only need some water decal, and you are ready. ;) / Ha egy csodás virágos manikűrt szeretnétek minden gond nélkül, ami remekül néz ki, akkor csak matricákra van szükséget...
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447. Marble Stone - Water marble nail art
I really like the water marble technique, but I
was always so bad in it. Or I didn’t try hard enough. Who knows. I did it only ONCE, years
ago. But I’m still into that look which is elegant, and not a radiant
lets-put-every-colour-in-it-and-be-a-hippy one. ...
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446. KIKO Nail Cuticle Scrub & Care and Nourishing Oil
Today, I want to show you some new things in my
nail polish stuff. I usually use the same thing for my nails for nail care but
sometimes I like to try new products. KIKO had a huge sale in January, so I
looked around (almost every day) and found two pens. O...
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445. Colour Alike Pastel Holo Collection
The Spring is here and it is time to wear some
pastel shades. I’m not completely into them but sometimes I get the feeling.
When I could see the first pictures of the Colour Alike pastel holo collection,
I liked them ery much, but I didn’t die for them. The...
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444. Born Pretty Store - Mirror Nail Polish Set
I’m back to Rome and back to my daily routine,
also I'm here again with another post. I have so many beauties to show and
finally my camera is good too. Today, I want to show you a really unique nail
polish which looks so good. It is a nail polish duo which...
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