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Philippe Lhoste
Computer programmer by trade and passion, amateur artist
Computer programmer by trade and passion, amateur artist


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I did a comic (10 pages + cover) entirely with Krita, for a French comic contest. Had to do it in 2 months, which is short for me (therefore some weaknesses). And it is the first comic I do on computer (with a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet).
If you are curious, you can see it at
Note that it is written in French, and the site itself is in French too.
Maybe I will translate these pages someday, but I might wait for the text tool of Krita to be more mature... For this one, I just wrote the text by hand, as I always did (in traditional art comics). Although Krita's grid helped for regularity.

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There is a French Twitter account, (shape of the day) where the owner posts a random colored blob, and people must make a drawing integrating or using it.
I participate occasionally, and of course, I use Krita for these quick sketches.
My latest participation aimed at drawing Death, in a chibi style, a bit reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's High Cost of Living comic (from the Sandman series). And integrating the shape, here in the form of a non-standard scythe. (Yes, it looks a bit too much like a fan.)
I add a pair of other participations...
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I tried to ask a question in the KDE Krita forum, but after registering (why no free choice of pseudo?), Firefox tells me there is a security problem and won't let me go there...

The question (or suggestion if not currently possible) "Is: is there a way to paste an image where the cursor is?"
Too often, when making a comic page and needing to copy an element from another page, when I paste it, I get the image at the original location. This can be useful (particularly when moving stuff between layers), but sometime I just prefer to have it in the current viewport, instead of having to zoom out and figure out where in the page the pasted part is...

BTW, is there a simple way to move a selection between layers? Currently I have to cut it, paste it over the target layer, then merge the resulting paste layer.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Krita users.

A quick search gave no results, so I thought to ask here.
Is it possible to move or transform a selection affecting all visible layers?
Eg. I have an object drawn on 2 or more layers, I want to grow it a bit, next to other stuff.
How can I do that without merging the layers?

Also, can we do a transform on a non-rectangular selection?


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Same character from Miel Kari, this time for a contest where we have to draw one of her character with an outfit from one of the given themes. I chose "Cloudy Pillows", it was fun and original... And a good opportunity to draw this character with a more dynamic pose.

Still using Krita, of course, I am starting to get used to ink with it. Great tool, very flexible.

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I used Krita again, for an art trade with an artist named Miel Kari. I drew her original character, Karii (on the left), putting her in a scene.
It was interesting, the character is quite different from what I draw usually (but I drew her eyes smaller, less anime, close of what I do usually).

I love more and more the inking brush, it is very close of my traditional brush with ink. I will probably make my next comic with Krita.

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Again, Maho, my non-cliché magician(former warrior), in full body, with his two fellow dragons, Vordell (front) and Riok, her son.
Of course, done with Krita.

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I drew (with Krita, of course) a magician, for my upcoming comic.
Tried to get out of too classical canons / clichés of the genre...

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For the Krita challenge of this month, I used another of my favorite theme: monsters!
Done with three palette colors: white (the background), black (most lines) and a dark red (#bd276b). All done with the same brush, looking like a real brush with ink.

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In France (and according to Wikipedia, in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, etc.), we call April Fool jokes "poissons d'avril", ie. April Fishes.
So here is my April fish, made with Krita, of course.

Should I try and add colors?
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