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Scott Winters
I like to make beer and play games. That about covers it, really.
I like to make beer and play games. That about covers it, really.

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Oh man I'm super nostalgic for this game after seeing this pumpkin.

Don't email me saying that you miscommunicated your request and that I need to call you. If you can't explain the request in written form, you aren't going to succeed over the phone. Instead, you're going to waste both my and your time while irritating the piss out of me in the process. Take the time to get it right. Please.

First time in years that I've seen a bag of crap on Woot, and sure enough 503 errors all around.

I can't play Minecraft more than ten minutes anymore before I stop and think, "Why the hell am I wasting my time with this?"

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I DID A THING! Warning: may be loud.

I have decided to stop picking up the phone when I email someone and they immediately call me back. When someone does this, it means they encountered some detail that they didn't like, usually an instruction. Rather than follow said instruction, read the rest of the email, or god forbid take the time to digest the information contained within, they decide that it would be best to ramble in my ear about what they think I didn't understand. This isn't a generalization; it happens every single time. Pro tip: if by chance there actually is something I didn't understand, you're the one at fault for not properly communicating it in the first place. If I instead force the person to leave a voicemail or email me back, they will get to the point as quickly as possible. If someone in this situation leaves a voicemail that only asks that I call them back, I will complete all other pending requests first. It seems only fair.

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I find this to be particularly awesome. I'm posting it to G+ just to annoy my wife.

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It says something about the state of U.S. media when you get better investigative journalism from an Al Jazeera Op-Ed piece.

I just realized that the only time I have ever heard Freddie Mercury's voice was in song. Just when I thought he couldn't get more extraordinary....

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Going to Winking Lizard tonight to try this and their glass of the month, which is a Belgian I've never had. The thing that kills me about the reviews for this beer is that the low scores are from people that need to slow down.
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