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cowbiscuits blog (SJ Cosh)
A Cat Lady's Blog Of Personal Style, Fashion, Beauty and Life's Adventures.
A Cat Lady's Blog Of Personal Style, Fashion, Beauty and Life's Adventures.

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Living For: Rock n Rose
Way back in the days of 2010 I discovered Rock n' Rose, I even worked with them on a DIY  and featured their products in outfit posts !  Since then they have grown into a mega brand that is huge online and also stocked on ASOS. They have grown so much and i...

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Ladies Who Lodge at The Celtic Manor
Oh Hey! A couple weeks back I was so kindly invited to visit the Celtic Manor just down the road in Newport to visit enjoy an event with them in one of their famous Hunter Lodges . I've heard so much about these lodges (President Obama stayed there...yeah) ...

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Growing Up Slowly.
Oh Hello!! Once again my spare room is being inhabited by a feral kitten (she's not feral now and actually going back to work tomorrow - cue heart breaking instagram posts) so I've been slacking on the ol' blog. I think this will be my last kitty for a few ...

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Dirty in the 'Diff
Hello! Today I'm making cocktails (well not today because it's 2pm on a Monday) but this cocktail is special as it's been designed for Dirty Martini's Cardiff opening! Dirty Martini opened it's doors to us here in Cardiff in an exclusive opening party on Fr...

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LUSH Spooktacular!
Hey, I've pretty much shared LUSH Halloween things on my blog every year since I first moved into a place where I actual had a bath I could bathe in (houseshares + bathing = ew no thx) and why should this year be any exception? My Hallowe'en house decor is ...

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Destroy Your Denim.
Oh Hey! It's getting pretty freakin' chilly outside now, I absolutely love Autumn weather where the sun is low and shining, the sky is blue but it's cold outside. Earlier this year I went to a Vintage Kilo sale, these are where you pay £15 for a kilo of clo...

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But Why I Love You I'll Never Know.
You could say I've fallen out of love with blogging. I started doing 'cowbiscuits' in 2010 after a 'bout of scrapbooking left too much mess and I discovered I could do it mess-free online. I inistantly loved it, I religiously posted every 2 days, I went ove...

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Boots Beauty Haul - video!
Hello! Today I have a video for you, it's my recent Boots beauty haul, I've been feeling ill and also having a tough time the past week so went out and splashed out! I have some more videos coming soon and if you havn't already then please check out my prev...

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Sanrio My Melody Bath Bomb
Hello! Had a little break from the ol' blog due to feral cats taking over my spare room where I have my computer set up ready to upload pictures etc. I've had a brief break in fostering (1 week) and now there is a new 'feral' kitten living in the spare room...

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Sanrio Hello Kitty Suprise Bath Bomb
Hello! You may remember my video of my Asian Beauty Haul  (click there if you haven't seen it yet!) from YesStyle , in which I was super excited over a couple of special bath bombs I had picked up. The bath bomb I'm going to be showing off today is the Sanr...
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