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Happy New Year 2015!
Happy New
Year! As 2014
disappears on the horizon, in reflection, I’m thankful that we’re in our new
house and are really enjoying it. I’ve met a lot of great folks that were
patient and answered my many questions about home construction. And of course
I’m ...

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Merry Christmas - 2014
Tap, tap, tap… Hello? Anybody out there? Can you hear me? Good. It’s been a
few weeks since I last wrote. Ok, maybe more like a few months.  Almost 6 if you’re really counting. The good
news is, we’re in and have been since I last wrote. And that’s...

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Rainwater Gutters
Hurricane Arthur - From NOAA Hurricane Cente r Now that Hurricane Arthur has blown by us leaving a bunch of rain behind, I thought that this would be a good time to write about the underground rain system that I installed. Making the Gutter When it comes to...

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Back Deck & Patio
Starting the Back Deck One day I received a call from better half and she said they're starting the back deck!  But they are using pressure treated wood. Isn't it supposed to be mahogany? A quick check of the contract determined that she was right. Removing...

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Landscape Planning
Time to do Something about the Mud and Rocks We brought in Material to start establishing the grade. Sylvan Nursery, Westport, MA Thousands Millions of Plants to Choose from. Large Dogwoods It was like going on an Easter Egg Hunt. All Types of Grasses to Pi...

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Side Entrance Wall & Walkway
  The Sidewalk Way Work Continues The Steps have been completed and you can see how they are bringing the wall up to meet the top step. It's slow going with thousands of pieces of stone. Beginning of the Top Steps It was interesting watching them chip each ...

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Wood Wall
Master Bath Shower - Tiled in Carrara Marble Master Bath Floor - Carrara Marble to match the Shower We had electric heat mats installed under the tile to warm the floor on cold days. The Stone Wall Work Continues The Side Wall will help support the Steps an...

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Stone Wall Re-Started
Trench redug for the Stone Wall footings Piling up the Stone and Resetting the Lines Getting the Lines Right This part is so important as it sets up the rest of the wall. Rock by Rock it's starting to look like a wall. You can see where the driveway will fa...

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Spring Doldrums
Partially Covered Floors and New Footprints on the Left   Nice Booties! Concrete Backer Board for the Tile Inside of Backer Board up close The whote dots are stryofoam cells Covered with a smoothing coat of Mud Shelves for the Master Bath Shower Laying out ...

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For Want of a Nail...
Kitchen Floor Complete Stairs from Room Over Garage All Set to Be Sanded Dining Room - The light should play off the dark floor well Sanding the Floors Stain Test - Minwax English Chestnut Stain On - Stain Off Living Room - Before Poly Kitchen Living Room A...
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