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30-Year-Old and Losing Hair? Dr. Yu's Special Methods Help you Fight Hair Loss I 很多30岁前的男人,腰包渐鼓,头发渐少。于博士这几招教你消除脱发烦恼

To many people’s surprise, men’s hair loss usually starts from the age of 20 to 30, and in most of the cases the hairline recedes starting from the corners of the forehead. The hair in the front of the head starts becoming thinner, looser, and shorter as the hair follicles eventually shrink. Soon the top of the head would start loosing hair and finally the balding section in the front and on the top connect to each other, and there is only a few significant hair left on the fontanel area.
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An Effective Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension is a common disease, especially among people of older ages. After 40, one should pay extra attention to blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is usually related to stress and bad habit. It is the best time to take preventive treatment when the blood pressure is fluctuating. Once the blood pressure is steadily above the norm, the usual modern medical measure is taking antihypertensive drugs. If a drug is not effective, the doctor would usually give prescription for another drug, or a combination of drugs. This way the danger of serious hypertension is well prevented and the general life expectation is raised. However the use of drug is not always effective and the side effects cannot be ignored.

There is another way---a special acupuncture, called the needle-embedding therapy. Tiny needles are being stuck to the acupuncture points with a tape. This treatment is very effective on normal hypertension, constantly hypertension that never drops, or fluctuating blood pressure problems. Effects can usually be felt with 2 hours after each treatment.

This method has two major advantages: 1. The needle can stay on the surface of the skin for 3 to 7 days, thus taking continuous effects; 2 this method is usually pain free. The needle is specially designed to ensure safety and ease of us. To apply the method, the most important thing is choose the correct points. I would usually choose these points: Shenmen, Quchi, Geyu, Xinyu Shenyu, and some hypertensive points on the ears.

The method has went through clinical experiment and the results were indeed good. If you are suffering from hypertension and the prescribed medicine are not working well, the acupuncture method is a good choice.

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Struggling about Headache? Try these Methods

There is an old Chinese saying:”The patients always worry about more and the doctors always worry about less”. It means, the patients tend to worry about having various kinds of illness (since they are lack of medical knowledge), and the doctors always worry about they do not know enough methods to heal the patients. This is particularly true about headache. Years ago when I was working as a doctor in a hospital in Shenzhen, China, there were two cases of headache that made very deep impression to me. One is a mid-aged man, who is suffering from very serious headache——his friends were saying he was taking “truck loads of medicine”, and the medicine are become less and less effective to a point that he had to use antalgic pills. His headache was so bad that he could not normally work or do any business. The other one was a woman in her 60’s. Her problem was that she could not be exposed to any wind or she would have a headache. Therefore she could not go out of her home easily, nor could she open the windows in her home as the wind would blow in causing her headache. Living in a city close to Hong Kong, you may imagine how hot it would be for her and her whole family when the windows were kept closed most of the time.

Headache is one of the most common illness with various causes, but the doctors’ methods to heal headache are rather invariable. According to an article I read, in one year, there are about 50% of people who would experience headache, and about 18% would experience migraine. More seriously, some of the patients would suffer so much that the pain could not be controlled by medicine, or they are in a special period (for example, pregnancy), so they cannot take medicine.

Several years ago when I was teaching in the International Chinese Medicine Academy, a female student was brought to me by her classmates for help. She had extremely serious headache caused by “exam stress”, and she was also in her 8th month of pregnancy at that time. No other students dared to heal her due to her special situation. However, as the clinical practice instructor, I had to do something as an example to the students. I saw that her face is flushing red and the vein on her temple was visibly beating. Therefore, on the level I saw safe, I picked the pain-pressure point on her temple and did some blood-letting puncture---this reduced her headache immediately.

Headache is causing pain both in the patients and among the doctors---the doctors are constantly panicking for having too few methods of healing. Luckily, acupuncture has outstanding effects in dealing with headache. There are constantly headache patients in my clinic, including migraine, headache caused by menstruation, injury, stress, high blood pressure, etc..

For headache I have these special techniques: 1. Looking for the acupuncture points on the feet for headache; 2. Using blood-letting puncture method on the specific area or the back. Most of the patients would be much relieved in two hours after these two steps. In healing headache, the doctor who does not really know what they are doing usually chooses from several different methods, while the ones who really know what they are doing quickly realize what method to use.

Hope all you readers are free of headache!

Dr. Yu
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Some Recent Achievements in Hair Loss Study

More and more hair loss patients are coming to our clinic for help recently. I am very excited for this situation. There are several reasons: first, most hair loss cases are complicated, therefore healing the patients is very challenging. I love challenge, and every successful case is great inspiration for me; second, after years of study in the healing of herniated discs, my book The Self Prevention and Healing of Herniated Discs have been published twice since 2002 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I have also concluded a system of methods healing hair loss after years of clinical practice. Therefore, I also want to have some break through in hair loss, the other field of my expertise; third, after living in Vancouver for over 12 years, I have sufficiently known the methods of healing hair loss and their effects in regular medical practice. I am sure Traditional Chinese Medicine have great potential in this area because its better effects. I am willing to make some contribution in this area.

In clinical practice, I also found that, for the same TCM products, the ones produced in Canada perform better than the ones produced else where. I think this is because of Health Canada’s strict regulation in the production of medical products. For this reason I decide to have all my hair growth products made in Canada. Even this would result in higher cost, I think it is worthwhile for the better effects.

Another good news: my Hair Growth I, Hair Growth II, and Hair Growth III have all been granted the NPN, and now are being prepared to launch in the market. I believe in the near future the “Yu’s” hair growth products can reach out to help many more patients outside of my clinic. I am also ready for inquiries either online, or in person.

Your beautiful hair, is my greatest desire.
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A Brief Introduction of Groin Pain Treatment

Groin pain is not a frequent condition I see in my clinic. In the past year there were no more than five cases. This condition is not frequent but it does happen. However, there are many patients do not know how and where to seek treatment of this condition. Therefore, I would like to share with you some experience of groin pain treatment.

The most recent case was a young girl. Being only first year in university, she had been suffering from groin pain for more than seven years. She could not sleep well because the pain was making her legs not comfortable in any position. This pain was also related to her years of professional dance training, which had left muscle and ligament injuries in many spots. Besides groin pain, she also had lower back pain, and slight lateral curved spine (scoliosis) for years. The muscle on the right side of her spine was tensed and bulged. The second and third lumbar vertebrae was noticeably bulged and with pressing pain. There were no other nerve related symptoms. After checking her, I concluded that this patient’s lower back pain, back injury, muscle and ligament injuries together caused the pain. In words of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we would say the problem is “weak liver and kidney”. Therefore I planned treatment specific for her. After the first session, her pain was much released, and largely disappeared after the third session. Now she is receiving further treatment to completely clear the problem.

Another case was a Brazilian lady, an outstanding scholar and a counselor to the government. Therefore her work involved very long time sitting down in front of a desk. For years, lower back pain and groin pain had been chronic. Sometimes she would have difficulty walking, and sometimes she would have excessive groin pain especially after sitting for a long time that make walking very hard for her. Then she would need to stand up and move slowly for a while before she can walk. Many doctors concluded her problem as hip joint arthritis on the left side of lower back vertebrae. I treated her arthritis with acupuncture and her pain was relieved quickly.

Next, I would like to share my experience treating this problem:

1. Most of the time I would choose acupuncture to heal the problem;

2. If there are pain or other problems on the lower back, treatment must be applied at both the lower back and the groin area together;

3. When choosing acupuncture points, the distant points are very important. Groin is the place where the liver meridian is passing, so points on the liver meridian are crucial. I usually use the Ququan, Zhongfeng and Shangqiu points on the liver meridian.

The cause of groin pain can be various. For example, pelvic inflammatory disease and anteversion of uterus for women, varicocele for men, as well as hernia, femoral neuritis, piriformis syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, hip arthritis would all cause groin pain. No matter what is the cause acupuncture can have good effects as long as the right points are chosen.
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My Special Methods of Healing Hair Loss---How Hair Loss can be Treated to Receive Good Results

Recently more and more patients came to my clinic for hair loss treatment. Many of them read my articles on Facebook or WeChat before coming to seek treatment, advice or medicine. We also received many positive feedback---this shows again the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in treating hair loss.

Among these patients, there are roughly two types.

The first type are the ones who come to the clinic for treatment. They usually live in the Greater Vancouver area, and they believe the face to face communication with the doctor ensures good treatment---this is true, because the confidence of the patients on the doctor can enhance the effects of treatment. In fact, many past cases have proven that the patients who come to the clinic for treatment would have more efficient recovery. Normally, for those who have acute hair loss of over 100, some even over 300 pieces of hair daily, fifteen sessions of treatment plus one to two bottles of Hair Growth I will effectively stop the loss of

The second type of patients only take medicines. After studying many of the feed backs, we can see that for the patients of the same condition, three bottles of the Hair Growth I is needed before the hair loss can be stopped. The final effect is ensured, but the healing period is usually one to three months longer. During the healing process, the patient may have a period when their condition fluctuates---this is ordinary, especially after they finish the first bottle of the medicine. For these patients I would like to emphasize the importance of sleeping earlier, keeping a good mood, using less mobile phone and computer, plus the self-treatment using the plum flower needle (the “mei hua zhen”).

The skin problems are tricky for most of the doctors. A common saying is that “Doctors do not treat scaly skin, and once they do, they will be ashamed”. The hair is also a part of the skin, therefore the difficulty of treating its problem can be assumed. In fact I am the only TCM doctor who opens a clinic dedicated to treat hair loss in Greater Vancouver.

After I become a doctor for 20 years---that is, 6 years ago, I concluded a new method of treating the three kinds of hair loss. That is, the method of flowing Qi, releasing swelling,strengthening kidney,and releasing “fire”. For those who have acute hair loss, the releasing swelling and flowing Qi method should be applied. For those who have Seborrhoeic Alopecia (excessive head oil extraction caused hair loss),the flowing Qi and releasing “fire” method should be used in the first phase (the first to second month). In the second phase the strengthening kidney and releasing “fire” method should be used to reduce the oil extraction to enhance the hair growth. For those who suffer from chronic hair loss condition, having large amount of hair loss and few hair left, the first phase ( the first to the third months) we should apply the flowing Qi method to stop the hair loss. The second phase we should apply the flowing Qi method to strengthen the blood alongside the strengthening kidney method and the releasing “fire” method. I treated many patients with these methods and saw great results. This was also how my special medicine, the Hair Growth I, II and III were invented.

The new year is here. During the holiday season, we still welcome everyone to come for consultation of hair loss.
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Farewell, Ms. G

Recently whenever I have a brief leisure in the clinic, I get this lonely, melancholy feeling. Sitting in the chair, starring in the air, and I hope to see a familiar face---may be Allison can tell me “Ms. G is here”. I hope for it, but I know it will never happen. Ms. G, my old patient, old friend, my Granny, will never come back.

It has been a month. The memories of Ms. G kept coming back. I have known her for many years. After she became my patients, she let me handle all her health problems. Then she started bringing lunch for me---the dim sum and sticky rice cake or fried sticky rice that she thought was the best in the whole Chinatown. In fact I found these food too oily and I only occasionally ate them. Every time she brought lunch I would tell her to not buy me lunch anymore and I did not tell her my true feeling about these food. I knew she was lonely and did not want to hurt her feeling. Therefore she kept buying lunch to me for many years until recently, and finally she stopped buying, maybe she went to Chinatown not as often, or maybe she finally found out I did not like the food.

Ms G. Speaks the taishan dialect---a branch of cantonese that is very different from ordinary cantonese. The language barrier was therefore very strong that our communication at the beginning was extremely hard. However, after several years, we eventually could understand each other very well with simple words, gestures and body language. In the most recent 3 years, after she became deaf, we could even communicate through hand gestures only.

Several years ago she started to have hemafecia and stomach ache. I urged her to do a full check out in the hospital but she refused. Therefore she started coming to my clinic more often. Sometime she came two times a week when her condition was not well. She did not speak any English, so occasionally she would come to ask me hear the voice messages on her phone. Then I would go to her place to listen the messages for her after the clinic was closed at 6 pm.

Then came the bank accounts problems. Ms G. had some savings and investments. She asked me to read her bank letters, probably because she thought I as an “outsider” was easier to talk to then her children. For some time I might be the one who know more about her accounts than her children.

She gave her will to me to keep several years ago, along with the related documents. In the same year she gave me a small sach, in which there were a pair of vintage vases, and a pair of small stone lions. She told me it was a “small gift of memory”. I saw it was not anything expensive, so I accepted it. Later I found out how precious these were---these were actually a part of her dowry accompanied her to Canada when she got married. Half a year ago she offered me to take home a wine cabinet made of fine oak, probably because I said this cabinet looked good one time when I visited her. Of course, I could not accept her offer this time.

I suppose her insecure feeling was probably because her language barrier---she could not communicate with her neighbors, and she got nervous once she saw ambulance and police cars. She lived in a big house alone, and the loneliness was beyond what she could take.

Months ago her condition finally went out of control. The ache and swelling in her stomach got worse and worse, and I ran out of solutions. She told me she was too old to go to hospital and she asked me not telling her children because she feared being sent to hospital. Regarding her situation, I contacted Dr. Jianwen Fu and Shipei Huang of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Guangzhou, they both said the unsuccessful prognosis was the cause. She started with stomach ache, then weight loss, then not being able to walk to clinic, not being able to climb on the bed---I could only lessen her pain, but could not help to cure. I felt really sad and helpless.

On the second day (which was a Friday) when she was sent to emergency by her family, her daughter called me, telling me she finally agreed to stay in the hospital due to my suggestion. I was busy that day and the weekend yet I thought about visiting her. I decided to visit her the coming Tuesday. However, all happened so fast. On the coming Monday when I finished with the first client that day, Alison got a call from her daughter, saying she passed away the last night.

Upon hearing this, my heart went down. There were tears in my eyes. Now it has been almost a month. How is she doing in the heaven? Is she free of pain and insecurity? I cannot see but I know all is good for her. I will pay a visit to her grave and she will be happy---she will remember our friendship.

A doctor grateful for your trust
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Three Causes of Excessive Head Oil

Many causes lead to excessive head oil. However, if one can control the following three causes, the problem may become better:

If one constantly sleeps after 11 pm, the head oil tends to over extract. Therefore, sleep early is a must to cure;

2.Over-use of the eyes and emotional instability
These two conditions sometimes happen at the same time, or separately. When one uses computer too much, the eyes would be tiring out, and the body in general would fatigue. Then the brain would become over active, resulting in depression,anxiety, or anger control problems. Therefore, if you have the two conditions together, you should lessen the time using computer or smart phone, and do more outside activities like walking, stretching, or yoga;

3.Healthy diet
In North America organic food becomes more and more popular---this is very healthy. On the other hand, a healthy diet should also take in account of the following:
----less fat and oily food;
----less spicy food: the energy of spicy food would usually go “up” of the body, resulting in oily skin;
----less out-dining because restaurant food usually contains more fat and flavor;
----less alcoholic drink: alcohol may facilitate extraction of head oil. Therefore Seborrhoeic Alopecia (excessive head oil extraction caused hair loss) patients need to drink less alcohol, especially strong alcohol drinks. If one has to drink, it is better to drink wine or rice wine instead.
The three causes are essential to everyone, please keep them in mind.
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