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Another incredible XKCD comic today!

Can't believe it's 25 years ago today that I started my first job - programming in Screenwrite on a Honeywell Bull DPS6+

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I love minions!!
That's kinda true LOL :P


#Minions #MinionLogic #WhatsAHashtag  

An apple a day will keep anyone away ... if you throw it hard enough.

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This is freaky!

This is fun

I am forced to use MS Windows at work. So nice to come home and switch on a proper Operating System (Ubuntu-Mate). Heaven.

Just finished my 2nd week in my new job at Clockwork Marketing. Enjoying it very much. Loving the 3 mile commute. Been using Yii (MVC framework) and will be going on a RWD (responsive Web Design) course soon.

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Ah, this is superb:

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Getting fired recently is the best thing that's happened to me in the last few years. It made me re-assess my career and face up to the fact that I hadn't kept up to date with my skills. I had the time to learn some new things while I looked for a new job, and now I've found one only 10 minutes from home with a company that will allow me to get fully back up to speed. It just shows that something that seems really bad can actually be very positive.
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