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"I have TWO dads!"
She turned 6 the week before, on the first day of first grade. She was sitting at a table in the elementary school cafeteria with a gaggle of other brand new first grade girls eating Oreos off a napkin. Her hair was in its customary rat's nest and all in he...

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Post-Op Pushing It & Mind Control
2 weeks ago today I had surgery.  My neck was a wreck and after almost 3 years of "conservative" treatment I still had somewhat unbearable shooting arm pain. The surgery's official name is "Anterior Cervical Diskectomy (I have seen it with a "c" in disc and...

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DIY Laundry Detergent
I have an allergic child.  I was never allergic to anything as a child, though my seasonal allergies have shown up the past couple springs.  My sister sneezed at everything and had eczema and hives and all kinds of trouble with asthma...and now my daughter ...

Home today with puny babies = no fun.
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