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2Lead - Enabling the Sustainability Multipliers
A resource for young business people interested in sustainable business.
A resource for young business people interested in sustainable business.

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If you missed our workshop here is a nice and short video :)
Yesterday thanks to 2Lead I had the pleasure to listen to Pär Larshans which shared the amazing sustainable work they do at Max Hamburgers.

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We held our first event for young professionals this evening in Oslo.@Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability Officer of Swedish MAX Hamburgers spent two hours discussing and reflecting with the group. 

@Mara Senese facilitated and @Rick Wheatley offered some reflections on insights from our interviews. Álex Asensi ran the cameras, we hope to post some video soon!

One of our organizers,@Tiina Ruohonen was unable to attend for a rather incredible reason - a non-profit she works with won a sizable free ad campaign - Congratulations to Tiina and!

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NRK, the Norwegian national news network, used our footage of the Branson and Lašas interview on national television yesterday. That feels pretty good!

The full interview is now available here:

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New blog post on 2Lead today. Jørgen Holst reflects on our direction and how it can sometimes be hard to feel the difference between flying and falling.

"Will we make the changes we so desperately need to avoid The Fall, or will we keep sipping champagne and wasting our resources, smiling and singing on our way down?"

Photo credit to Flickr user pictcorrect

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Our friend Kjetil Hasselgård took some photos of an old doll repair shop in Rome that inspired today's blog post on our throw-away consumer culture.

Why don't we repair things anymore?
Do companies have a responsibility for the products they make through the product's entire life cycle?

#consumerism #sustainability #CSR

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Is there more to being a good business than not destroying people or the environment?

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"Live fully, embrace ambiguity" new blog post on reframing our view of the things that are happening around us in this time of change. Authentic #leadership for #sustainability from +Christopher Baan

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With plastic bottles and their caps among the most frequently found pieces of beach trash, we wonder what responsibility the companies that produce them have? Part of lifecycle analysis?

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Can Consumers Help Save the Planet? Increasing Transparency are definitely the key words!

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Just uploaded three more clips from our interview with Carol Sanford, so far the clips are:

1. Introduction
2. Observations on the next generation
3. Pentad approach for responsible business
4. How generations might learn from one another
5. Developing consciousness in business
6. Our fragmented world

We still have a lot of footage to go through - more short clips to come.
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