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I'm not an Apple-zombie but I do admire the new iPad and your review highlights all the positives but none of the negatives, the chief one being that like its iPhone cousin the displays are static grids of icons and that's where Android shines with its live wallpapers and various dynamic widgets. But apparently after some undisclosed period of exclusivity, Samsung will field an even better tablet than Apple's and that's the one I'm waiting for, just as I did for the awesome Galaxy S2.
I do like the iPad, but I agree with +Gerry Minetos: a different interface would really suit the bigger screen and horsepower. That's why I use Android Tablets and Phones. 

but I've always told people "if you like iDevices, good for you. I love Android"
+Richard Bowen chill dude, inflammatory comments like that aren't needed. sit back and read what you just wrote then tell me its not a bit OTT.
I did. I may not agree with him about Apple products but I didn't get aggressive about it. Give a good solid reply. 


"As good as the New iPad is; my Asus Transformer provides far better compatibility with my work and home environments. For the more technically inclined I always recommend Android, for the tech illiterate I recommend iDevices as they are nice and simple."

Its a bit Android biased but it gives the poster something to reply on.

lets not make this a War Zone.
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