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Summer Anime Preview... Not a lot of great things, but there are a few really good looking shows that are going to air. #Anime  
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Good episode... Sucks that I missed it.
Mitsugi from the AAA Podcast comes on to talk about the latest Ghibli movie Kaze Tachinu! #Podcast   #Anime   #Ghibli   #KazeTachinu  

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lVlln joins us to talk about all the new anime this season!
First episode of guest month and it is part 1 of our podcast Summer Anime Preview! We review all the shows that were out at the time of recording, including Servant x Service, Genshiken, Monogatari, Love Lab, and much more! #Anime   #Podcast  

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Spring was such a good season, lets just hop Summer keeps it up.
We take a look at Microsoft's attempt to make nice with the gaming community. We also wrap-up the spring 2013 anime season by talking about all the anime that has just finished and is still on going!   #Podcast   #Anime   #Microsoft   #XboxOne   #Sony  

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New look... It is quite sexy if I do say so myself.
Anivision's Summer 2013 Anime Preview is out~ Check it out for our thoughts, trailers, and links to all the latest anime. #Anime

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Lots of good stuff to talk about this week.
We talk about the complete reversal of Microsoft's Xbox One DRM policies, and we review both The Last of Us and Man of Steel.

#LastofUs   #ManofSteel   #XboxOne   #Podcast  

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Anivision's special about this year's E3. I don't know about you, but waiting for Destiny is going to be one of the hardest things for me to do.
In this massive special episode the Anivision hosts talk about all the news coming out of this year’s E3 event, including an in depth analysis of each press conference and a discussion of their favorite games, who won E3, and compare the two new consoles. #E32013   #Podcast   #XboxOne   #PS4   #Sony   #Microsoft  

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We recorded this less than 2 hours ago! Talk about masterful editing skillz. :3
This week on the Anivision Podcast, we take a look at the pre-E3 Xbox One news, we review Remember Me, and we discuss the anime movie Kotonoha no Niwa – The Garden of Words.

#XboxOne   #Podcast   #Anime   #RememberMe   #KotonohanoNiwa

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We managed to get it under an hour.. It is an Easter miracle!
This week the Anivision hosts get back to their Easter challenges, steev reviews Valkyria Chronicles and Amuro discusses watching the Japanese drama Proposal Daisakusen: Operation Love, and they wrap up the discussion talking about other shows they are watching. #Podcast   #Anime   #VideoGames   #ArrestedDevelopment  
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