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Keturah Thompson
A tempest that has no end.
A tempest that has no end.

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Take 2 - REPUBLISHED DUE TO G+ errors.

PLEASE spread out your posts, try not to post one after the other please :)) 

Calling all DOG owners! Once again I'm Looking forward to seeing your dog photos! Invite your friends! Have fun ♥

The FOURTH  "Day of the Dogs" Event on Google Plus is Sunday 14th July 2013 opening 9am GMT ish!!!

A selections of previous event photos here...

You are cordially invited to post your canine images & links to your website, along side you photos, if you have one.
scroll down for all the details
- please only post your own images

event is open for OVER 24hrs starting  - Sunday 14th July  - (9AM ish GMT)

You won't be able to add your photos until the Event opens :) 

You migth also like some of my favourite "doggie" pages and themes here on Google Plus ...
+The G+ DogPark +The Good Dog Guide +DOG LOVERS Worldwide +We Love Dogs! +Fido Friday +Lost Dogs +Life With Dogs  +Dogs Trust +RSPCA 

hey woman

I can't wait to see how this changes how we explore our worlds.

I'm in the middle of a changing world... Who knew teenagers would be so amazing!!! Okay mine anyway.

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#ifihadglass i would be super mom! at the drop of a pin i could locate answers to help my kids w/homework. i could decrease the time it takes to record important moments! these would be amazing for choir recitals and plays!

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The most dedicated woman you will find.

Just seeing how this works...
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