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59% of advertising & Fortune 500 execs don't believe their talent has what it takes to be very successful in #contentmarketing .

Surprised, or no?
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thank you !!!

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2014 holds tremendous opportunities for companies and individuals in #digitalmarketing —and it starts with education.

Here's +Aaron Kahlow's take on where we stand.
It’s time for my favorite once a year note on the State of Digital Marketing Talent & Education, built for all my colleagues in marketing, advertising and, of course, digital. We’ll take a look at what we are seeing unfold in 2014 that impacts all of us on the digital marketing skills, talent and education front here at the Online Marketing Institute.
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Want to take your #digital   #marketing  career to new heights?

Here's your inspiration of the day from OMI instructor +Lisa Buyer!
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HI OMI friends:

Join us tomorrow at 1pm ET to learn hands-on, up-to-the-minute techniques for generating better-qualified, quicker-to-close #B2B    leads. You'll also learn how to:

- Identify the top media for lead generation, and which media to avoid
- Calculate the optimal quantity of leads required to meet your sales goals
- Create a nurturing program than will quadruple the productivity of your lead generation campaigns.

See you tomorrow! Register now >> 
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Need ideas for creating #content  that your customers LOVE?

Tap these 6 sources...
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Does your #content  speak to these 5 different people involved in the #B2B   buying process? It should!

Great post from +Rachel Foster  
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If you're investing in #content   #marketing , research has shown there's roughly a 50% chance your efforts are ineffective.

But you can use that to your advantage… really!
While the majority of people continue to underachieve, you CAN become really great at content marketing—and get a competitive advantage for your company and career. More details in our latest post.

Now what do you think? What are your ideas for getting a competitive advantage by improving content marketing? Leave your comments below.
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it great and also you can try this 
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Did you know #advertising  and Fortune 500 execs think content marketing is the 3rd most important skill for digital job applicants?

Are you surprised? or no? Share your thoughts!
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It comes as no surprise to me, after all, Content Marketing intertwines with most if not all aspects of Inbound Marketing.
Pls share report. Thx!
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Many thanks to +Adweek for sharing our research on the #digital   talent gap. Love their version of the infographic! Check it out to see how you and your team stack up:
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Does your  #inbound  marketing strategy include these 7 critical elements? It better! +Chad Pollitt explains...
Here are the 7 steps that must occur in order to create scale and to maximize inbound marketing opportunity.
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Is #Pinterest  part of your marketing mix?

Here are 8 reasons it should be.
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Your #content  beast is hungry. Are you feeding him with the real-time videos and articles he craves?

In this class, the awesome +Carmen Hill of +Babcock & Jenkins      reveals how to keep him satisfied.... and seize the opportunity to be part of conversations at the peak of their relevance with real-time content marketing strategy. Watch now-->
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Wow awesome tiger 
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The Online Marketing Institute is an education-focused, career development organization that offers marketers accreditation in the various fields of online marketing
The Online Marketing Institute is an education-focused, career development organization that offers marketers accreditation in the various fields of online marketing.

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Customize your learning experience. Attend online, on-demand courses or live, in-person workshops offered alongside the Online Marketing Summit (OMS), the leading education-based marketing conference currently available.

Expert and practical training. Our marketing education partners and instructors are some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry. Programs are specially designed to provide students with a theoretical foundation and practical training. Students learn actionable strategies and tactics that can be directly integrated into current marketing platforms.

Gain access to a professional network. OMI Alumni have the opportunity to network with instructors and other alumni via OMI Graduates LinkedIn Group so they can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in the fast-paced world of online marketing.

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