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T. James
Eclectic is not a dirty word.
Eclectic is not a dirty word.


Anyone else having problems completing military intelligence salvage operations from USSs? I fly to the right system, engage every USS I can for an hour and no mission-specific cargo drops. I'm picking up some rare materials so it's not a total waste, but still...

Surreal Thought for the Day: with in-game assets like brain trees and barnacles, FD should simply procedurally incorporate borrowed Morrowind code to enable planetary landings on inhabited worlds in 2.4. David Braben has previously mentioned hunting. A contract with Nintendo for the rights to the Pokemon franchise would cover wildlife. Gotta catch 'em all...

Anyone else with other franchise content you'd like to see? Death Star Pokeball, anyone?

Proud Dad.

My son took his Corvette (in beta) out for the first time today and - with a bit of help - didn't suck. He managed 80K in bounties and took an Elite Anaconda that interdicted us down to 8% hull before it jumped away.

Motto: we need not despair for the next generation.

Passenger Missions and Ranking Up

I'm currently trying to increase my Federal military rank, but currently standard missions are nerfed because of a bug. Does anyone know if completing passenger missions also increases your military rank?

I'd like to know before I bust time and credits on a refit... Cheers.

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From the patch notes:


- Mysterious things added"


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Frontier want ED to be accurate, mapping known stars? They're officially stuffed. :-)

Gaia space telescope plots a billion stars -

Okay, this is going to sound bitter...

Two weeks to-and-fro to Jacques building up a nice collection of exploration data. Back to Felicity Farseer to a long-awaited grade 5 FSD range boost. Spend another 2 1/2 hours getting materials for 3 tries...

Only then do I find out that the 'extremely positive' side effects include a 50-50 chance the upgrade will increase the optimised mass of my ship, thereby reducing my maximum jump range compared to my previous medium-success grade 4 upgrade. You can, of course, guess what happened next.

Someone, somewhere, has a different definition of 'fun' to mine. At least I made Ranger on the trip. That was fun.

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Watson's Progress, Komovoy - where's the commodities market gone? Bug , or shut down due to 'increased pirate activity' described in the local news?

Inconvenient, but adds depth if it's a new gameplay dynamic... but it it? Anyone know?

Does anyone have lucrative alternate resonating separator route for NULL trading?

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No fancy video, but I made it. It only took me 32 years... I'm finally combat 'Elite'.
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Are Frontier going to model these? :-)
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