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Win an original doodle from Children's author and humor blogger Mike Allegra. He'll even write a story to go with your personalized, suitable for framing art.

Not enough? Good. You can also win 5 kid's book at Kid Lit Reviews. It is my 5 year anniversary. 5 winners will receive 5 books. Check the post for details on how EASY it is to ENTER.

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Enter to win 2 Middle Grade Novels, signed by the author. Hurry. Time is running out. Easy entry.

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GIVEAWAY: Books 1 and 2, Signed by Author. Easy entry. Tristan and the Sea Guardians continues with Stingray City. What is happening to all the stingrays from Grand Cayman Island? Terrific middle grade series: ocean conservation, mystery, kidnapping, quirky inventions will capture kids' imaginations.

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Sue Morris commented on a post on Blogger.
What one thing makes me unique? I've never thought about this until today. (This is a comment on Peas in a Pod review.) This is a tough question you've asked. I really don't know how to answer you. I have curly hair just like the girls in the book, I love picture books and reviewing them, and I live with lupus.

I also love your site. So glad you visited mine (Kid Lit Reviews) so I could find your website and reviews. 

How can I verify for a google+ unique url without a mobile phone? I tried to ask in the verification section of the help board but now my post cannot be found. 

I just want a unique url, but don't have a mobile phone.  

Also, why is there no way to contact anyone in Google itself? Are they so big they don't care?
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