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Writer. Editor. Food Blogger

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Lazy Microwave Cheese Sandwich + How to Utilise Your Sister
Ok. Two things you need to know before reading this post: one that this is really a lazy sandwich, tastes amazing nevertheless, and two that I absolutely couldn't bear looking at my sister snuggled up in the bed. So when she asked for a sandwich, I got her ...

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Red Split Lentil Stew- Dhuli Masoor ki Dal
A rainy weather and sunshine playing hide and seek. Mom's taking clothes on and off the clothesline every time it drizzles and stops. And I am feeling exceptionally lazy this Monday. They might as well replace Garfield's face with mine. However, by the time...

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Oregano-Mustard Potato Bites
A very happy New Year to all my dear readers and friends. I think you all had a blast, didn't you? I, for one, didn't think I would spend the first day of this year shopping, celebrating the opening of a friend's new restaurant and going bowling at the end ...

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Palak ki Chaat
Today I am at a loss for words. It is not the writer's block that I am going through, rather a personal conflict is making me hold back. The cold is intensifying, both outside and inside. And it doesn't help that the fire is dying. Perhaps, a little kindlin...

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One-Pot Broccoli & Peas Pasta
Here's a wave to all pasta lovers, so I am waving at myself too. I am waving in glee with this super awesome One-pot Broccoli and Peas Pasta that I just treated myself with. It's creamy, it's tasty and it's so easy to make that it's almost disheartening to ...

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Leaves of Radish- A Rustic Stir Fry
Snowy white, fresh radishes are in season and the vegetable markets are full of them. Set in piles, these radishes resemble little white mountains from the front. Go around the back of these mountains and you will see little green mountains made of lush, cr...

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Eggless Vanilla Cake with Christmas Special Icing
There's a chill in the breeze and Christmas prep everywhere. Christmas really rings the holiday bells and reminds me of the time when I was a kid in school and eagerly waited for the winter holidays; not much has changed in that regard. It is still the best...

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Microwave Carrot Rice
It is becoming increasing difficult for me to go without posting a rice recipe in a whole week. It is as if the more I love rice and show it by 'monging" it, the more it loves me back by presenting itself to me in new ways and today it is a Carrot Rice, the...

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Fresh Guava Salad
A guava salad. Any other day, I wouldn't even have thought of it. But today, I had in my possession what I can only call the best guavas I have ever had. Being one who prefers being oblivious to guavas in the fruit markets, fruits seller's cart or in the fr...

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