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Urvashi Vasishtha
I never quit! :)
I never quit! :)

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Hi beautiful people! :)
Here is a glimpse of what I wrote after a long, very long time. Please read and let me know the valuable feedback. Have a great festive season everyone! And please take good care of yourself.
Much love.

Hello gorgeous people! :) I keep all of you in my prayers and I hope you all are doing fine!
I love this quote: "The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink"!
Many of you are doing that here! Congratulations and keep it up! 
Any other favourite quotes that drives you guys to write?

Keep well! 
xoxo <3 :)

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Hello all!
pinging you guys after ages! Well. I wrote something that I wanted to show to you guys. Please let me know what do you think of it.
And I have a searing headache, so I will sign off now. I hope you all are keeping amazing! Much love. <3 :) And Thankyou! :)

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Hello again! :)
I wrote something after more than a year. Please give me feedback. 
Thankyou! :)

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Hi all of you at S-A-W!
i wish you a very happy and prosperous new year! I hope that the coming year gives you the courage to grow in positive and wonderful ways! :) Even though I visit once in a blue moon, please forgive me for that, I want you all to know that I am incredibly proud of all of you!

I made this canvas painting. Hope this inspires everyone. :)
Big Hug! <3 Cheers!

hello all!
My god! SAW is massive! Congrats +Alana Munro! so proud of you1 keep going! <3
so how is everyone doing apart from great? :D
sending ur way tons of love and fondest regards.. :)
Cheers to the team!

Here is wishing all the lovely people a very Happy and a prosperous new year!! :) :D
I know I have been away for a long time now, been terribly busy with studies and exams. Sorry!
But please know that I wish the very best for all of you! Keep inspiring people! Stay wonderful!! hugs.. <3 

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For all those times that you all get crazy busy and stressed and forget to smile! I am here to remind you and I hope this helps. :) :D
+Alana Munro +Adrianna Joleigh +Glendon Perkins +Ro May +Jasveena Prabhagaran +Vashti Q-Vega +Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin +Teagan Kearney +Mak Lind  and everyone else too! :) :)

Hello everyone! :)
How have you all been? I hope great! I just dropped in to say that you guys are missed. I am sorry that I don't hang around as often as I would like to. College is way too busy right now. But know that I think of this wonderful community each day. Thanks for all the inspiration! Keep up your brilliant work!
much love..
P.S. And a belated happy teachers' day to you all! doesn't matter whether you are in that profession or not because I think I have learnt a lesson or two from everybody here. Cheers! :)

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Hello everyone! :)
I know I don't stop around much. Sorry. College can be very busy. :/
But I have something interesting for you all. Another interview. Guess who? Adrianna Joleigh! :D
I bet you all will find this one very interesting. Please do take a look.
Thankyou! :)
P.S. Sorry if the font bothers you. I'll try to do better the next time. :) And needless to say, I would love feedback. :)
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