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I'm going on my first all inclusive vacation. Where should I go?

Looking for someone in the greater London area, with a Red, with greenscreen experience to shoot a project next week. Paid gig obviously. 

Happy birthday +Connor Collins​!

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Inform yourselves about this coming Canadian election! Check out

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Pollenize updated for the Canadian Federal election. Looking absolutely gorgeous.

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This looks pretty awesome, will only be the third thing on my keychain next to my 2-step auth key and my car fob.

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My G4 came in the mail yesterday. It only took two days to ship in from Singapore. Loving the tan leather back.

Today I checked the mailbox and all of my accessories arrived as well. 

Car holder up top, Qualcomm QC wall wart, car charger and backup battery as well as 3 glass screen protectors from the wonderful people at XtremeGuard. I'm currently testing the wall charger and it's charged about 30% in ~24 minutes. 


Love this phone, but I'm currently looking into a bluetooth audio issue I'm having. Hopefully I can get it sorted but it seems like it's a compression issue. It's almost fuzzy. 

I'm looking to rent Google Glass, preferably from someone that is Toronto-area based. We are shooting a video and would likely only need it for a single day. If you know someone with Google Glass or own it yourself and would like to make a quick buck please leave a comment. 

I think I'll buy a OnePlus One soon. I need a backup device. 

But Google, where's my Inbox invite? :(
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