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Terie Cornelio Wanger
Live life to its fullest everyday!
Live life to its fullest everyday!

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Let's Get Moving - Week 4
Four weeks later and what have you done.  This is our fourth and last week on this Let's Get Moving! challenge.  The goal was to get you out of your seat and working out at home, outside or the gym for 10-15 minutes or more if the energy and motivation were...

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Let's get moving! Week 3
Photo Source: So here's my dilemma. I am not eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables as I should, not because of my role in fitness but because of my health. Why? Well, it's simply laziness, no lie. I just don't want to take the time to peel a...

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Let's get moving! - Week 2
Time: Have you taken the time to exercise, rest, recover, eat, sleep, drink water? No? It's not uncommon. Don't feel bad. I struggle with this issue as well, yes as a fitness trainer if I didn't have to be at the gym I might not have the time either.  But t...

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Let's get moving in 2017
OK new year, new you they say... it's so easy, just eat right, exercise, sleep, ugh... it's not easy. Let's not kid ourselves. I started off yesterday doing really well. Then I realized there were too many cookies left and leftover coffee cake, lasagna and ...

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September Challenge week 1-Let's do this!
Things got a little crazy with kids going back to school which forced me to postpone this challenge a bit.  I did try it on the facebook page but decided to wait and get a fresh start here. Tomorrow can be day one for everyone. Why short duration exercises?...

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What will you give up to improve your health?
Yes, this is airplane food and I love it. Have you started thinking about your upcoming week with the POWER UP September Challenge ? What are you willing to give up in terms of food and drinks? You already know that what you eat will impact your goals in a ...

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September Challenge-Let's Do This!
PowerUp! September Challenge I think we all need a little push once in a while and why not when the kids go back to school...yay moms and dads and all of you who are caregivers of people and everyone really.  I have not done a challenge in a whil...

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