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We experienced a brief network outage to one of our nodes hosting internal services. During this brief network outage code repositories and our build system were offline. Upon further investigation a switch intended for redundancy was not properly setup causing this brief outage. All services have returned.

Maintenance is over, and service has been restored. This was caused by a disk going off-line and not re-instantiating. As a result of this, machine became un-responsive and resulted in a reboot. Due to the systems drive configuration the server wouldn't continue boot because the drive was un-mountable. We've updated all server configuration to bypass unavailable drives and continue the boot process. The drive in question has since been repaired and no data has been lost.

We're performing emergency maintenance on one of the servers in our network. Access to the server is disabled during this period maintenance.

We're phasing out our first server, named "Dagobah". Doing so will help usher in our updated control panel and service offerings. This server has been in commission since late 2009.

A migration plan is being put together and customers with accounts still on this server, you will be receive further information via email on what to expect.

This is a big move for us as we say goodbye to the old and work on ushering in the new!

It is no coincidence that one year ago today Ondina was formed. #maythefourthbewithyou

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Bayes has been suffering for the last 10 days from the following bug. This has been patched, if you've experienced moments of unavailability or lag on the server in the past week it is likely related to this bug. If you continue to experience unavailability going forward please contact our support!

SSH and SFTP services have been restored on Bayes.

SSH access has been disabled on Bayes (our provisioning server) until further notice. We hope to have things back online soon!

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What's new in this release? Well aside form the boring bug fixes that come with every release we've added 1-Click installs to the control panel. Here is a nice quiet video demonstrating the new awesomeness.

Next batch of invites for Ondina's Private Preview have been sent! Just in time for a new feature rollout
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