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Paul Gulledge
I Live. I Dream. I Create.
I Live. I Dream. I Create.

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Fear, struggle and failure are guest in my house,
but they are not permenant resisdence.
They visit me often, usually without much warning.
And though I’m never really prepared for their arrival,
I look forward to it just the same.
The visits themselves ,generally brutal and relentless,
are an exercise of will. 
Voices are raised, views are tested and often tears are shed.
The calamity they bring into my house is fierce, but it is necessary.
For as our visit ends they leave as abruptly as they arrive.
But it’s the gifts they leave behind that I anticipate.
Fear leaves his mask and I no longer dread what’s behind it.
Struggle leaves his strenght and with it I press on to tomorrow.
Failure leaves his wisdom and I use it to build my success.
“Come again.” I say, as I stand at the door.
Because as unpleasant as thier visit is, without it, 
life is a facade.

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A teaser video for a project +Chaska Richardson & I shoot the last couple of days.
Photos by +Ginger Beck

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The Crich Design House team is proud to be a part of Sean Michel’s latest project by filming a documentary allowing you to experience the making of his new album Back to the Delta .

Click the link. Watch the video. Get involved.

+Paul Gulledge

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Your Geek Video of the Day. Imperial March played via 2 floppy drives.

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BBC project makes your TV and Mobile device interactive.

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If the Beatles performed Stairway To Heaven...

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My latest blog entry spurred by yet another STATUS FRENZIE...

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Tshirts for my 20th HS reunion
Hamburg High Class of '91 (3 photos)
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