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He She
Mechanical Clock.
gears in motion.. and beautiful
Its really seems a clock only cuz till i seen, clock has maximum gears and here, there are too much gears...
QUEST • QUESTION • What is It ? • One of Answers....THIS IS GIF animation
this is...Mechanical kinetic sculptures featuring wooden gears and other mechanical parts also made from wood. Matt black wood frame with clear perspex front. Driven by electric motor. See more of my creations
click this link....Kinetic Wall Sculptures - Dizzy
Frameless awwwwwwsmmmme clock i think it is . . .
Frameless awwwwwwwsmmmme clock it is i think. .
that box from the "Hellraiser"movies.
A cutaway view of the Hellraiser cube?
Woooohooooohooo!! :D Freaking Awesome.. gonna build this (this) weekend!
Looks to me like the offspring of a case of beer and a bored mechanical engineer
Planetary motions when viewed from Earth. If the earth was ssumed to be of as the center of the solar system around which all planets revolved
Ουααου!!! Τέλειο για διακοσμητικό στο σπίτι!!! Όλοι θα κοίταγαν με ενδιαφέρον!!
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