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The New Microsoft Logo. And what do you think about?
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I think its traveling Back In Time :)
It looks really ugly and outdated. :-|
Comes around goes around, and apparently it's time to upgrade to Windows 3.1 again.
The best would be to skip the "window" and just go with the text logo, old one
Simple and clean, it can work 
similar as Windows 1.0(1985)
They should have taken the Microsoft Office symbol and for each square made it the same colour.
unimpressive, non remarkable yet absolutely necessary. Makes complete sense to me
They earn billions and looks like paid shillings for logo. It's should have been a windows logo not MS logo
Google somehow stole red, blue, green, and yellow. I always associate those colors together with Google.
This is horrible – reminds me of something back from Atari days.
logo doen't make any still the great microsoft...:P
Rena H.
Why Microsoft WHY!!!????
I can tell you what happened. Someone in management drove this ship… They told the designer they wanted to evoke feelings of the Metro UI, and the designers actually had some good ideas. It went to meeting, and the manager said it didn't look enough like Metro UI. After a few iterations, the manager was quite upset about this, and almost made the designer cry. Eventually, the designer gave up all hope and delivered what the manager wanted (
Its fine..... I mean who really gives a shit? If you are interested in this you need a hobby  : )  Its four f*cking multicolored squares.. how could you hate it OR love it?
i bet they payed someone £10,000,000 to make that
+alastair mccoll  LOLZ YOU GOT IT . same logo a small business could get in $10 .... So we can say " Big money goes with big names"
"Cyan Stereoscopic Inspiration" or "Old is Gold"?!
+Ashley Pham you're confusing plain with simple, and simplicity is the hallmark of good design in anything.
+Neil Mcginnis aesthetics play a large role in lives of some people; judging by your appearance, not in yours, so you don't understand this.
The "new" microsoft logo? Looks more like an older one... 
It's still nice though.
I have actually been a graphic designer but I am not a loser unlike you so I guess it simply does not interest me.   : )    Clearly you take you graphics personally and you are very mature in your response. You should not stoop down to my level because your not very accomplished. And you hurt my feelings and I not clean shaven enough for you?
 You could use this post to trap nerds.
That's a good thing cuz when I look at old logo, It reminds me of Windows XP
Seriously, it took 25 years to come up with this?
This new logo looks like they are going back to the days of DOS and the command like interceptor called If that is the case give me 4DOS or Take Command (the windows version)
I don't care anymore...I am a penguin and I'm happy with it! (but uses Windows XP for Adobe Software)
I think it costs billions to develop such neolitic modern design
Take a bite out of the lime green square and you got us a Microapple! Keep digging Microsoft, keep digging...
Meh?  Reminds me of the fail Gap logo.
i dont like it i like the windows vista logo and the logos from the first windows to windows me better not XP, 7, or this one
looks similar to the AVG anti-virus logo. All the same colors
MS lost it's steering rudder when Bill Gates retired, they have become so corporate that they will not hire engineers with any balls bigger than a pea. They seem to want to copy Apples model of a computer company. And that is send out their paper shuffling staff to find initiative ideas. Buy the idea and fund their R&D. Rumors are they are R&Ding a tablet that you control with your mind, and backup input is voice control with the speach comprehension of The Enterprise Computer. You tell it what to do and it authors the software to do the task. So bye bye computer programers for mundane things. In the end you'll have one home computer that you talk to like you were on the Starship Enterprise. Hope it refuses to do kids homework for them, their brains need to learn how before it is automatically done for them.
very uninspiring, plain, unimaginative. Come on guys, a small kid with crayons could come up with something more interesting.
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