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Volkswagen Hovering Car Floats Above Streets of China 
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fantastic car! it is really true?!
OMG hope it's true, though it clearly looks like a CGI model
nice after effects
It seems depends on geological condition ?
The only technology available today to approach making it work would be very powerful air jets - strong enough to be loud, blow small objects as well as the clothes and hair of close observers.
This concept is still waiting for technology to catch up.
Surprised no one has said this yet.... Here goes....

wow what a concept is it really possible?
I'm sure it's a concept. Or a marketing scheme of some sort. In another post, with the front end logo fully visable....some ding dong said it was a Volvo. Nope honey, here's your sign. Way to go for failure of brand recognition.
hmmm!! i think according to their confidence it's possible!!!
Good concept idea for like around 100 years more because right now is not possible.
Does anyone have ANY idea what was happening at the end? Some kind of party for a high school age kid? Was this a movie-making contest for youth or something?
i think they are trying to introduce a latest concept in Volkswagen
Jonny Lim
The girl at the end submitted a concept car design to their website in some kind of competition. Her design won and they made a silly video to celebrate her design with her parents driving the "floating car"

Well, at least that's the storyline.
thats the jap's or china's or korean's for you, anything go's!
Thanks Mr # Jonny Lim, that clears it up!
Why are we so quick to believe things we see without question, our eye deceive us if we do not use our intelligence to truly see
I happen to won one of these cars!
It runs great!

but the fuel cell does not run long and I am having a hard time finding refiles. Any one know more companies that make the fuel cells?
c'mon!!!!! be real #CraigValenta or are u as real as the video?
hahaha China with hover tech lmfao. If they are so hard up to buy wrecked helecopters from Pakistan we left behind when Pakistan stabbed the US in the back by harboring a known terrorist, they sure as hell don't have the ability to create this.
Not a chance this technology is real. Then that it fits in the proverbial breadbox, no way. Absolute fiction.
It's stated as a concept video at the top, and if you read the translation you'll see it was a design project for young engineers to submit their concepts to VW, who then produced a concept video for the winner.
The translation was purposefully not made available as part of Chinese propaganda, targeted and making US tech look like its behind.
Can we have English subtitles please so that the rest of the world can enjoy it better? That is if a video in English is expecting too much of VW.
Hmmmmm, seems to be a lot of different gas laws needed to lift estimated 800 pound car with the observed possible volume of space condensed in that area the vehicle takes up. I think its out of the question Brett. Balloons and something of greater mass and density are apples and oranges.
Wow that could save so many things like fumes, congestion so safe on environment its a big thumbs up but would like to see it in person!!
How about some subtitles n English, please. Is it real? I want one.
very nice concept.
our spinal will be safe and will not suffer due to bad roads.
im gonna put neon lights on mine and its gonna make overly exagerated doppler effects hehehe
having the steering wheel in the middle so your gf or wife can grab it.... not a good idea
interesting viral. decent graphix.
ching chan chung chang cheeng
Great way to keep fat arsed americans off the road
+Kyle Mac seriously? you care about the positioning of the steering controls? ITS A HOVERCAR!!! A F***ING LEVITATING CAR!!!
even if its a fiction I WANT ONE!!!
Wow..........can we get a translator in here to disypher +Shane Hoffman post and then send him on his way back to fb
If you think this is true I have a car I want to sell you......
What's great here is the directing / acting... feels almost totally genuine.
Whoa!,pretty breath taking,damn ncie!
If you follow the link to the page you will see that this was one of a number of concepts that VW received as part of a project. You can tell the vid isn't real when you watch it. However, it seems like a fantastic idea, although it relies on a system being built into the road network, so whilst being 0 emission, it would probably only ever get used in big cities. Still - way to go!
WoW, Jia Wang in Chengdu, a show about her No Wheels Magnetic hanging ball car (I don't know how to translate this name, so I got some help from Google).
lolz south park! hahahaha
obviously is fake... it's just a a concept
Some people are so dumb!! To clarify~
Noun: An abstract idea; a general notion.
A plan or intention; a conception. AN IDEA, NOT REALITY!! A fantastic concept at that!!!
only one word, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Doors must open to up. How to park such car with so wide opening doors.
Could finally be the end of potholes lol
So, poor door design that's terrible for parking, no storage, twitchy steering, two-person max accommodation... Yeah, makes total sense.
joi .c
its just flying , seems its little difficult to practice to drive ..but its really wonder and appreciated for the innovation .........
Lin Lin
haha.....very funny
advertising for what , new Steven Spielberg movie
wonderful..hope it truly becomes peoples car
Just think how many industries like rubber would be bankrupt.Roads do not need to be paved.Green ,clean concept.
What is a German concept car doing in China?
AWESOME!!!!!!!! I WANT IT....!!!!!!
vow. If there were some subtitle in english it would have been helpful.
Woooooooo,its lovely.What is the price.
It's fake. But it's always nice to dream about such things!
what a car in want one of this
oh oh, carefully, how much is it?
This is a great invention.
Sal PN
is it real?
everyone will have to get pilot licenses, way harder than any drivers test you have ever taken. haha
But It looks awesome and that could be the future for us humans and travel
Other than the fact that over half the video is computer generated, it's a cool concept. I wonder if it will ever...get off the ground? ;)
mick aw
cool anti gravity car now wheres that skateboard from back to future
is it real???? if so thats amazing for what we can do in this day of age
if not well i still like it lol
This is awesome, there is going to be cars that's can float..
its cg, ground shadows are not quite right, its very well done though
wait isn't Volkswagen greman??? why is it in china?? im alittle confused...
all things are possible to them that believe
ooooooooh! iwant drive toooooo
i want to address this that tough time never killed anyone but comfort life comes after struggling and believe that while there 's life there 's hope. one day life 's gonna give you lemon and please makes a lemon ed because opportunity never comes twice at any man 's door.
thats a teaser because volkswagen is made by germans.
As cool as this idea is. Obviously this video is faked. Any care to translate?
From the German manufacturer........ move along, nothing to see here lol

"The People's Car Project" campaign takes the company's name at face value and invites the people of China to design their own car by spreading and discussing their ideas on a variety of platforms. weareflink once again worked hand in hand with Georg Warga to develop the key visual and conceptual design that became instrumental to the integrated campaign.

CONTRA Productions China, Weareflink and Warga created a series of TVCs, virals and other films for events such as Auto Shanghai 2011 and the launch event. In addition CONTRA China produced print ads and webisodes that are part of the integrated campaign.

weareflink & CONTRA says thank you ! it has been fun working with everyone at Volkswagen, Greenkern, Goodstein & Partner, Proximity, CONTRA, Supreme Music and all individuals involved.
The only words I understood where VW Das Auto. & Mama and Papa... :) Very cool though!
this is really a great invention well done!!!
I hope I'm alive to see this become mainstream technology!
I just don't get this fascination with having a hovering car when the wheel is such a simple efficient device. Think of the energy required just to have this concept car lift and hover. The wheel requires no energy sitting still. And what if it runs out of power? Does it fall over? +navid razeghpanah We would still need some kind of graded roads with markings for traffic control. If not paved with painted lines, then what?
Does not look real. Plus, if it were, no one would trade in their suv for this. We're all still driving suv's, right? Good.
+andres Pereda So if that's how it would work, it would require all roads to have large magnets embedded along their entire lengths. And the vehicle would not work unless it were on one of these roads. And owners would also need to have these large magnets embedded up the length of their driveways too. Just seems silly to me.
Why are the sub titles for the chineese dialogue - IN CHINEESE??
Someday it'll happen... but it's a fun gimmick add.
WHY WHY WHYYYYYYY!!!!!! Would you give it to a Asian driver... he is bound to smash it up and then park it sideways in the street.
Oh my goodness that is so awesome i can't wait for it to come to the U.S.
Its a good concept brought forward by the girl but Is this possible ?
Tenho minhas dúvidas se isso é verdade, o filme não é.
What a concept car but when it's slated for floating in the real world market????
thats the last thing the asians need they cant drive the ones with wheels
im with the asians . good move where can i get one
people why r u wondering if it's real can't u tell ?!!! but it's a nice video
I don't buy it, If this was true, it would be all over the news and there would be an official announced by VW. I couldn't find any of those... But... I like the idea!
it's protected against accidents by sensors, that's good; it's very strange vehicle!
i couldnt understand..?
that video was an obvious animation, obviously a imaginary concept.. seems to top-heavy to ever be real. lower Center would be needed.
Is that you Gordon Liu?
Theoretically possible. But still difficult with current technology. Not impossible. Very much unlikely.
Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem!chcę taki mieć!!!takie małe cudo trochę jak filmów sf, to przyszłość,która staje się rzeczywistością szybciej niż nam się wydaje.Piękne auto:-)
This would be a sweet ride, I would love to get one.
Can anybody translate it to English? I would like to understand what he says about the hover car.
Tecnología de punto cero,anti gravedad,estructura del vacío,vector de equilibrio,etc... toda esta tecnología existe,pero no conviene para los amos del mundo,exxonmobil,tendido electrico,etc,todavía hay muchos petrodolares que exprimir,véase documental THRIVE y saquen vuestra propia conclusión
lolz south park! hahahaaa
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