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Oh yeah, like the good ol' days. Boy, the phone charges would have been astronomical...
thank progress for gui. Wouldn't it be great if we were still creative??? I thought the lawyers had made progress illegal these days with their interpretations of copywrite.
ahhh I miss those days... I miss Pascal, BASIC, C, etc...
+Michael Cooke Ok, it's just nostalgia, it was one of my first programming languages, once I learned C, I didn't want to go back to BASIC.
Ого-го! 53 тысячи подписчиков! Поздравляю с таким успехом :)
+Pradyumna Dandwate Ok, I don't really miss it, I just felt nostalgia watching the video, it was one of the first programming languages I learnt, suddenly saw myself as a kid making the "Hello World!" on these 3 languages...
Funny... the thing I miss was the counterculture of the BBS world. That's what this whole thing reminded me of. I used to take all the time I could at night so I could download "stuff" for long, uninterrupted periods.

Oh man... modems, early BBSing... now that's nostalgia. :)
That's a little odd don't you think 
ASCII and ANSI graphics used to be such an artform.
Ahhh, sweet memories of 'the early days' when there were only a few of us 'techies' and no emoticons ;-)
man that is pretty ancient looking it looks so much like some of the video games that used to be in my home.... so wierd lookin now....
kill me i don't want this screen on my PC...It sucks!!!!!!!!
this is very creative i love the retro idea of what google could have been long ago
Sound effects and all! I remember them. Ha, ha!
I'm old enough to remember those sounds
What is it Modem getting booted up....?
Anish, that's the awful noise it made when connecting to the server via the phone lines.
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