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DIY • FUN • IKEA Job Interview ( :
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I would ask the boss "did you do that too?" (sorry bad english)
I'd be like thank goodness there's no plan to follow is that what this jobs going to be like putting together my own chair without any plan.
Also could be a Linux admin interview ;)
lol! couldn't stop laughing there for a sec.
i'd prefer to stand....
who wud do this much work???
+Tarannum Sehgal How do you know it isn't a ploy to see if you are good enough to work in the cooperation, and that if you don't make it, you fail instantly and aren't hired.
but i'm not goin 4 a carpentry interview.....its sumthin else...
If that was me applying for the interview, I would instanly say, "It's a trick question. Because its IKEA chair, it'll break or fall apart when i sit on it." That's how I'd pass the interview. :P
would you like to do this this reminds me of bilko
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