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The Foucault pendulum or Foucault’s pendulum, named after the French physicist Léon Foucault, is a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. • Wiki •
Dartmouth professor discusses Foucault's pendulum
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all is more easy...with Technics animation.... it is big help for modern students.....Thanks to  Google+ .....wonderfull window on ours future
wow..i thnk i've heard of it..but never seen one in process..thnx!
Can anyone pls tell me.How to create simple animation like this...
I remember seeing one of these in a science museum. The pendulum (ball on a long string) would knock over dominos. These were positioned in a circle around the endpoints of the green line segments shown in this picture.
Umberto Eco the italian Professor and Bookauthor told us so already
+AADHITHYA AADHITHYA Install LINUX - KDE-Educational (or Mint 12) go to the "Software Centre" and a universe of free (animation, physics, etc.) software will open up 2 U.
Otherwise, i will provide some guidance
It's a great tools too to Hipnotize the problems.
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