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Which will be the Next Science Experiment ?
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Seems like flexible displays have been promised for the last decade…with few commercial products resulting.
+Neil Hodges I guess it's more a matter of developing the technology enough to make it cheap enough to mass produce that holds production back instead of the technology itself not being ready for comsumer use.
Looks amazing! But what about touch? Will it be that flexible with touch support?
what if you drove over it with a tank?
No, but imagine a large piece wrapped around your building? Or Boeing, or City Bus? .... yikes!
wow now thats what all screens should be they should then put these into laptops aswell be so much better
Awesome! Wonder how it will hold up when accidentally dropped in the toilet. Hey, it happens.
I am a skeptic, the video was interrupted before it switched to a rubber face mallet.
Wait... What about the circuitry behind the screen?
Awesome.. I'm sure it'll get implemented in between Galaxy S4 - Galaxy S6.. I wonder if we'll see a patent already filed by Apple to sue Samsung for being flexibly wrong and copying iPhone ?S.
That's a Kickstarter project?! Good heavens!
sweet! how long until we get to use this tech in consumer devices?
hello martina how r u
Cool idea but doesn't have a lot of practical use... What good would this be to any device that requires a touch screen?
Why does it need to be a touch screen device? Why not a flag, or banner? Why not taking a step back and using a device without a touch screen? In terms of practical use, it wouldn't turn itself on and off in my pocket or let my keys scratch the screen...
it looks like someone took a small TV and rolled over it with a steam roller
+Randy Stokes Idk it seems like a pricey item for a banner when just regular fabric would do. I can't imagine it being cost effective making a huge piece of tech like that. The only really good part about this is that it's shatter proof which is pretty awesome. I've seen countless phones shattered because of their screens being made out of glass.
for Randy Stokes: people like you should stay in a museum, you are antitehnology stay at keys ok? stop bothering other people with your existence.
+Mahram Z. Irani , as far as I know, Apple does not use AMOLED displays on its phones. Also as far as I know, Samsung has been one of the companies innovating phone display technology the most (at least as far as mega companies are concerned). So I guess you're an ignorant idiot.
That's because apple gets rewarded rediculous patents like their store. While that potentially does fit copyright, a table is not an invention.
Apple's good at brainwashing... Innovating? ..ehhhhhhh not so much
Thank You...
It's OK to like Apple. But, give respect to the innovators.
I'll leave it at that. Before I start hurting feelings.
there is going to be some amazing Display devices (TV's and monitors, phones) coming out once this technology is bedded down. Also love the application for Passenger aircraft and Cars. It will allow a really interesting shift in design.
Does it use Ferrous Imbued Plastic or rubbers like the I-pods and Some Sony products...
aaaaaaaaamoled amolemolemoleeed aaaamoleeed. catchy song
correct me if im wrong but,
maybe its greenscreened?
well...... if thats how u like it. Through destruction . who am i kidding wat am i talking about?!!!
+Barrie Brickner Katie Brandon it can't withstand a full on sledgehammer but it's more likely to survive a drop. seems like the sledgehammer was used more as dramatic effect.
Awesome Ferrous plastics, I get to build my terminator now....That's plastics that have little particulates of Iron and other metals making them electromagnetic and also conductors instead of insulators, they had them in the Sony Walkman Hard-drive thing and a little bit in the Ipod shuffle without a screen and I took them apart and experimented with them, its awesome stuff the micro particulates are very hard to make and the plastics and rubbers are also very hard to make, but it could be better for the environment based on not as many heavy metals being used in consumer products but now they become more expensive based on the (electronics) disposable aspect and probably modifying them and making them unique to the owner will be a thing of the past...
i saw this last year. still really cool though.
I forget what's the point of flex screens? Touch screen armband?,
The Best Technology Comes Out As A Result From testing Responsible And Safe For The Human and Environment.
+Daniel Kindret

All sorts of stuff....think about flexible adds, that can wrap around the post of a building or inside a mall, instead of the flat ones stuck on walls, or on the sides of vehicles like taxis, trains, aircraft. Or outside of the marketing world, a flat screen you can roll up and take with you or slide between non-flat items in a big without worrying about the screen cracking. Unlike a current tablet which must stay flat and if it gets put loose into a bag with other loose items would not survive airport baggage handlers.
Is anybody else laughing at the song? hahaha
Throw something between the display and the components and you have a shatterproof screen that won't damage the innards if the screen bends in too much. Hopefully it's scratch-proof as well.
Samsung have said a few products to be released before the years out! Cant wait to see what they will be
The song was so dramtic. The thing that caught my attention is that for a little less then half of this video there is a guy/girl hitting phones with a hammer
Unbelievable an outa sight at the same time. Next phone Samsung Galaxy II
saw that before on a news show a few months ago. It may be the next new thing. Flexible, strong, all that good stuff.
pqp depois de tanta porrada e o negocio ainda continua funcionando, ah vou jogar m nbk fora..kkk
Made from that spaceship metal in area 51
It doesnt matter how well they can make flexible screens the trick is to be able to make the electronics and actual body of the phone or device flexible. When that happens then come talk to me
Kevin Bindas i disagree because i have tendency to drop my phone and this would eliminate screen breaks
Cll it tech upgrade .... I liked it... What abt u guys?
is this going to be a phone or a tablet....but nice and a good move by samsung
Too bad it's going to end up in a crappy Sam
Los golpes no se ven reales.... otro hoax?
Now you can make yourself thin by bending the sides.
Nice stuff, but the demo is bullshit. If they'd hammer the electronics on the left (like they did with the other objects), it will break too.
This video is very old, we will soon have it, I think at the end of the year.
Fucking Samsung is going to own the fkn world man... End of story...
Samsung and maybe Nokia also are going to be the only 2 celphone companies left in the world...
Is this real ? hmmm Who will get it to market first ?
THAT is cool! What a great idea! Possibly also the next step for the iPad, also? Very Star Trek-like, too.
If that comes out bye bye screen protectors 
Cant wait to hang one on the wall
I need one of those already dropped ma galaxy nexus once lol
i drew out a concept phone with a screen just like this. i never thought it would come true. im amazed its incredible!!
Anyone notice how the flexi screen was merely being tapped by a plastic hammer yet the LCD got a good bashing ?
+Sippay WarXyph The bottom part of the phone isn't usually the part that gets damaged in falls, it's the screen, so this will be really handy in phones of the future, :-)
Lo Sel
thats very good
Nice, but you hit the 2nd screen much softer, does that have a reason?
Cool $hit ... a glimpse into the technology to come!
i am with katie any one can do that
Cool, they make a great phone, but don't buy a samsung fridge, my daughter bought one it's a piece of junk, there is a class action lawsuit with thousands all have the same basic problem, and they can't fix it!!!
I want one in a 56" television...
NOKIA - WATCH OUT... unbreakable phones level up
foarte frumos! next level!
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