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ha ha cool, but i guess there is a mistake(mathematically) in the 3rd line.
No, didn't you guys learn algebra? It's subtract 9x from each side, sooooo simple. Oh, and I like this.
+Indah Huegele linear inequalities. when you do stuff just to pass exams, the monkey up my head shreds that sht after!!!
U<4i......and then finally...because 2+2=4,4 became for- 2+2,so i change place with u,the 3 gets 1.5x3=4.5and then -3+3 became 0
+3=3+3=6 so u have 3 sixes and that is a pi + pi in quadrate+3-3-2became-4-4-4=0+1=.....0-1
what is g of x? No fighting and no gambling. Center.
i dun know wat is the
i still dun know >< damn messy....>< coz im 13...only
I don't speak the English, I only do math.
Translation= Don't worry about it.
i think someone said Math should grow up and solve its own problems...hahah bt nyce1
So, is this how the texting alphabet is created?
I would never have believed math has an emotiional component. Bravo.
I still wonder how can you compare the imaginary unit to a real number...
Mathematics is already difficult don't make it much complex
i will try to Explain... But, you should not ask me how and why? is that fine with you?
it about an boyfriend dat hw explain
Beck! Be careful da. Life is not a proven equation it is always a puzzle.
Thanks, i need a practical way to believe in maths again. you are proven smart
Gus K
what? you're less than 3 of me? i must be big.
Wafa ruswa nahi kerna,
Suno! aisa nahi kerna

Main pehlay hi akaila hon
Mujhey tanha nahi kerna

Meri in ankhon ko
Kabhi sehra nahi kerna

Judai bhi jo aa jayai
To dil choota nahi kerna

Bharoosa bhi zarori hay
Magar sab ka nahi kerna

Muqaddar phir muqadder hay
Kabhi da'awa nahi kerna

Jo likha hay zaroor hoo ga
Kabhi shikwa nahi kerna.
Awesome...I will use this on my next anniversary letter to my wife!
Exactly it is wrong, "i" and "u" are two different variables how come 7i<21u...........
what is the base of the first equation.. it is base less... and wrong..
Life is practical and it is better to live the way it is, rather than thinking about foolish things....
that sad moment that only imaginary numbers love you...
Way better than that LOVE-OF-GOD crap that get into "what's hot" from time to time.
ohhh it ends up saying i love you
What the fuck'!!!!!!!!!!????????
wow! Is this an equation or what?
But you can't have inequalities with imaginary numbers.
Cute... =`>..hey im new here...i need friends..pls. add me..hehhe 
This is adorable, and makes me feel smart since I understand it. A double plus!
how sweeeeeeeeeet! lol.
the onyl thing is that first number it look like a G when it should be a 9
if the result is love..that's good:-p....anyway math is not pretty nice....
hi go to the search bar and type in horror remix including csi and coment
I don't know if it's been said already but to all the people that think that's a g it's NOT. Most likely that was written by somebody in Europe where we write the number 9 that looks like a "g" letter.. so NO g's in there lol
Can I +1 this twice? I'm such a geek...
Two universal languages in a single statement.
sum one sent tht to me in a txt i was sssooo confused lolz:)
Numbers, how do they even work?
It still states the I am greater than 3 of you... begs the question, define 'i' :)
how dare u put maths n love together shame!!!
+Michael Crutcher which is a good thing because if the opposite is the case one would have to solve weight problems instead of math problems :)
Yep, I am less than 3 of you... how nice. :(
I Hate Maths,i have it 3 times a week in school
I thought math was romantic!!!!!!!!!
7 times I being minus than 21 times you from 9x. It'S not fevour .

I sent the top formula to my wife and asked her to solve it. She did, with a bunch of co-workers on a white board.
wan i see "i" & "u" i know what come ^^ i <3 u
I love math but it's not a good way to show your love using math to girls because they would never get it

Overall rating
pfffffffffffttt..... stereotype ....SIGH
of course, it could also be 3u>1. But that would just be stupid.
ive solved that before nd it just failed
Ummm ... because the sign changed.
Ich nehm ich für die nächste Mathearbeit! Thx! 
There is no "greater than" or "lesser than" within Complex space.
Your argument is invalid.
lovematics. Wat about hatematics?
i never knew math could be romantic
who now i actuly kind of like math
It's true, I will always be less than 3 of you.
i think this is so freakin' amazing, it makes total sense to me!
i am sooo copying this down!!
That is so cool. Gotta love cool math things.
Math is the enemy of love but still pretty cute
Like i told my teacher
I dont understand
huh??? sry i just dont get it cuz i under the age of 11
bwahahaha 'I under the age of 11'hahaha
That would make U < 11, which is a relatively small numerical value, generally speaking.
Should have been: 9x-sqrt(-49) > 3(3x-7u)
This is beauty mathematics language of love!
Wow, some people has just an awesome creativity to have come up with this formula.----------> I Heart U....
I hate math but this is cool math i wish my crush would give that to me
I <3 this...Who deserves the credit for this awesomeness?
Oh I get it. Tilt your head to the right, squint, and try not to throw up.
Has nothing to do with math. BOO.
So many commented with "I hate math." Even when a photo translates to say "I love you," people want to hate something about it. What a world.
Nice ^^ Have just replaced x with j n sent to my girl XDDDD
That is actually simplified correctly as far as I and my electrical engineer as a husband can figure :) totally cute!!! 
Zig Zag
nice one ;) love it
I wonder if this person knows that there is a much easier way to express love. This is actually a formula for arrogance. (Hey everyone, look how smart I am!)
I remember this from school days awesome to see it again
aw thats very sweet and very clever :-
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