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Spider Computer

Its three legs can easily be folded out, allowing it to be placed on a flat surface. The mirror head opens, and the projection is directed towards the table surface or a wall. Digital correction compensates for angular differences in projection versus surface. When legs are folded into the body, it becomes a mobile device, used as a phone, for messages etc. Circular LCD display with graphic interface. Designer: Nikolaus Frank.

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Oh poor mouse 
btw spiders dont eat mice
It's got three legs, how is it like a spider?
3 x 3 - 1 = 8
it doesnt make anysense
All fun and games until the turret says Hello and starts shooting lasers at you
Thats why prefer pressing the keys i'm quite sure my keyboard wont shoot keys at me
id turn the lights on every time I walked into the room 
+Nathan McWilliams i dont bang the keys and treat it wid good care so I hope it won't shoot keys at me....................... :)
Wow nice PC.................
+Nila Sekar He will not shoot at You, he will eat You. Because he knows You hate spiders. He reads the first comment always.
kool idea tho, are those keyboards actually any good/usable tho?
+TECHNICS I have arachnophobia !!!!!!!!especially after I found a spider on my hand once!
Yeah, absolutely no way this won't be undermined by cats.
+Nila Sekar Big enough spiders can eat mice. Check out YouTube if you're feeling brave.
+Alastair Rae no! I will not see another spider after today's ordeal!!!!!!!!!! I believe you!
Make it something you can wear, and this would be even better. From that picture, I would be wanting to move the computer part out of the way. It looks like it would get in the way of the projected image, or at least I'd habitually move it like moving a cup or something. Perhaps if the keyboard was physical and tactile, and projected the image it could work.
+Nela Sekhar spiders eat bugs, I can tolerate them for that. The old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" policy.
my neck hurts already
But they are creepy fr god's sake!!!!!!
arachnids and bugs and insects!!!!!!!!!!!!
I say nay to this machine, only because that damn tripod would be in the way of my web browsing.
well, but better if that spider proyects from the side, the damn thing is in the f$%&ing way!
that an awesome  piece of technology
Isn't this what microsoft was trying to build? To my knowledge, they failed because people prefer tablets (ipad etc) to this one.
Who gives shit about spider :) 
I'm trying not to be concerned that the CPU housing looks a whole lot like a virus.
Nice, but the computer I had in 1996 was more ergonomic. 
Now that is the bomb!
How's does it work? Is that a key board without a mouse and where's the monitor? I want to know more about it!
this is really suprising
Holy Carpal Tunnel Batman!
thats cool. sent it to me here in kenya i love to use it.

ergonomics be damned  lol
is that real?! I thought that was only on cartoon shows
if the technology can be achieved, we need a long practice to use the keyboard. our finger will block the projection Beam!!!!
Could use one...or two...
Does any one remember this movie
you can find the right key if you do not stare at the keyboard
idea is good but not practical.
Can you turn the "monitor" into a touch screen?
This must be joke. No such thing exists yet...Pure Utopia
i could see a potential problem with neck ache here, I like the way the user is portrayed as looking down her nose to see, most of us would lean over the table as if reading a newspaper for example, great idea, naughty marketing :)
That is really cool I want one 
Useless piece of junk, only works in dark area. What if you want do works outside with daylight?
Thehcnology is amazing.I definetly must have a little spider in my pants.your name will change to spider comp men.
Can you program swype or voice commands? 
Good idea but bad design. Shouldn't the device be on one side of the projection instead of in front of the user?
Hmm, interesting.  You sure this isn't some elaborate prank on the world?
Nice idea, but you may consider angling the projection to one side so you aren't constantly looking around the device to see the screen. A virtual mouse or touch pad or even make the "screen" responsive to touch. Also, what happens to the picture when your hand comes between the device and the surface? The usability of the device is very low as is, but there is potential there... I'm still waiting on the google glasses though.
ok i admit it this would awesome to own but the shoud have it that the screen is up in the air instead of on the table.
Yeah, Sure! Runs on batteries all day not to mention the image quality, just perfect!
awesomeness !! cant wait until we are all using hovering vehicles and all that cool tech, TOTAL RECALL status haha :)
wouldnt u guys agree that it would be better if the screen was up in the air
meh.  pure gimmick.  People won't be giving up hardware keyboards for a long time yet.
ya its good but i did'nt like this
u dont know that do u +Ben Davis
But it's still AWESOME!  I WANT!
is it real thing that is happpen then i want to in touch with source person is so amazing
yeap. . like webb said it is cool to have a screen in the air instead of tables, let say a hologram pictures or screen is good. . 
Jon Car
because she is under mind control
i can't feel it with this keyboard.. 
I wonder what the noise difference between a traditional keyboard, and tapping on the table might be like.
can i have both the girl and the projector keyboard and display
Don't spiders have right legs? It looks pretty impressive though!
If this works it will change the digital world. 
Running Linux or ?? Cool post - looks like this might be a viable option for on-the-spot computing.
hi techs civilization 
the pod's in the way of the screen!
Just think you saw this in a sifi movie just a few years back.
Looks, like it is hard to see the screen at that angle and so far away. Would not want to use that thing for longer than an hour.
Chiropractors see big $$$ for people who may end up using computers like that. I guess as long as the projector can be tilted to display on a wall or vertical surface its not bad, though I dont see myself ever using a digital keyboard.
Josh H.
how much is it
This would be the best with laser projectors
nice new technology!!! I want some, I want some!!!
Josh H.
will some one tell me how much it is
hm an "ok" concept with one major flaw. why bother projecting a seperate keyboard, and not just track fingers over the "display" ...XD?
likely the future of mobile computing, and hopefully this will bring us back to actual portable devices and not bigger and bigger bricks they try to sell us as "mobile" phones
The ultimate James Bond gadget for hacking into the mainframe!....(is it Android?)
Take my money! I want it now. :D
Noah Hk
this intruigse me but would one be able to connect a mouse
Not always...sometimes the male gets away. 
Fake. And an old fake too. If this is the best this thread has I'll unsubscribe.

Noah Hk
well okay then
Wow cool gadget I love it
so awesome time .energy and also money....great.........
Nice, I heard Microsoft is developing the tech projecting and touch screen too.
cool. the world will be change,really really change's.
Wow - I cannot wait to see one and experiment with different environments and applications
Seen these popping up for awhile now - cool stuff.
Who pee'd in +Christopher Lawrenson's coffee this morning? Not all things posted are suggesting to be in production. The concept and design is great. 
I have used a similiar keyboard and found it dificult to use because you cannot fill the keys.
Thats gr8 job done by invertor
Look how much table space it requires. Easily 2-3 times the space occupied by a laptop.
It looks to me like the device gets in the line of sight for the projection.
Isn't her view of the projection blocked by the thingamabob?
I want a spider that crawls into my ear and shoots beams of light onto the back of my eyes, wrapping my amigdala with thought waves so there is no need for a keyboard. 
What's wrong with designers coming up with all this impractical shit?
That would be very painful on the fingers with long term use.
terribly un-ergonomic, can't stretch ur neck all day long to see the screen in perspective view, plus the spider itself will constantly be in the way. horrible.
Seems lik Technolgy has no limits.. It itself is creating its own..
Lightweight, but where's the trackpad or mouse?
We're finally starting to get closer to what I want - a device I can carry in my pocket, that acts like a mobile device when I'm mobile, and a desktop device when I'm at my far, attempts to be both have fallen flat.  This is getting closer.
I dont like spiders, like tht 8legs
meh, unnatural position to sit, keyboard is odd shaped, the screen is too far away and the spider is obstructing my view.
If you can control where the screen projects (adjustable-left to right, up and down) it would work. In other words, ergonomic!
amazing a have a lazer keyboard
This is only a dream.. its not more than..
any computer that promotes working in a dark room is one i have the interest in!
Scary....Assume best in a dark room...
Amazing,,,, soo cool,,(^~●)
and why doesnt everyone have this now? It's the 21st century this technology should be old by now
Can spider project inverted image so it isn't between me and projected desktop?
What the f**k? This looks like something straigh out of A scifi flick.
The problem is that the keyboard has no touch feedback, meaning that you can AND WILL move your hands out of position a lot.
This video was uploaded to youtube back in 2009.... I wonder how does it look like today! 
Why do we always see these stupid "laser keyboards" they are a terrible concept, sure they are wireless, sure they can go whereever but actually using one with anyone who is remotely near fast on a physical keyboard would have a hell of a time using one.  I know for sure there would be absolutely no chance it could keep up with 100+ WPM that I (and many others can type)
why doesnt everyone have this now?
Bad for your fingers but i like this pic
I love the time in which I'm alive...i can't wait for the hologram video game and phone like technology...Star wars anyone!!!
está interesante. Pero creo que la misma araña estorvaría un poco la visión de la pantalla que está proyectando en la mesa.
Interesting idea, completely impractical
what a inventor wow...... But, how does it work, its like a imagine
It appears you can now carry a computer and keyboard in your pocket. The white table top comes with rollers.
This is a great idea because the size and weight make it easy to transport. I suppose you can just fold in the legs and stick it in your top pocket. I think the only down side is the heigh which could obstruct your view of the screen +TECHNICS 
Cool concept and all, but that display isn't quite practical. BTW, what's the battery life on that hing?, cause I see no wires.Oh and near forgot, nice user ;)

Nice concept but maybe 10 yrs from now or maybe the lady here is very huge
Hello my dear hru have a lot of fun I love u ttyl xooxoxoxo
need one of this.. lol i should have been born 1000 years more down the line.. hope reincarnation works yea
Assuming that you can find a clean and clear spot on the table...
Neat but not practical.  How do you feel for the keys.  You can feel where your fingers are on the F and J keys on a keyboard.  How would you do this on a virtual keyboard?
tried this actually today and its not that practical!
Is this really???Which brand is this and how much?
All I see is neck strain from looking down at the table top for hours on end. When is virtual computing going to solve this problem?
It would be way more neat to have diamagnetic levitating unit (for example a ball) instead of tripod :)
i dont know if it is fack but to much techonology  
Wow how come never saw that at the Disney EPCOT Center in 1983
+Nila sekar -- the gigantic, bird eating spider can easily handle a mouse - I watched It happen many times 
awsom but wat if theirs a coffee stain or somthing?
okay, that is AWESOME!!!! :D, plus this is 500th comment FYI
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