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The delicious phases of the moon animated

Over the course of a month, the Moon passes through different phases, making the part of it we see change shape. The amount of the Moon we see illuminated by the Sun grows from New Moon, to Crescent, to First Quarter, to Gibbous, to Full Moon and then decreases back to New Moon. This activity uses Oreo® cookies to demonstrate the Moon's phases.

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Life wouldn't be the same without Oreos
Where's the Spam. We have the Cookie..
Trader Joes version of the oreo is so much better. Just sayin.
+Eric Weber Trader Joe's stuff is just better selected than the rest. Whole foods follows, but too expensive. Best are the russian, iranian, polish, german, etc. stores :)
I'd like the new moon than the full moon .

I like Oreos and I like stargazing. Perfect combination.
oh crap now I'm craving for oreos
Oreo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry!
I would never be able to make it through the 2nd phase I would have eaten the whole cookie by then.
those things are as addictive as crack.
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