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In theory, practice makes perfect. (Which doesn't always work.)
In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice.
ha ha ha lol i don't know what words to put to this. it's hilarious
mrtn D
Practice makes perfect.
Perfection. This is Sparta.
I don't understand? I'll go back to the Lab then;-)
One of those faith-based labs.
HJ Yang
I love such honesty.
This reminds me of the definition of becoming a specialist in a particular field: "one who knows more and more of less and less".
I guess, someone who made them work will know how they work
how is abuta momanyi. and how u know my name
wow...great logic...i remeber my frnds in the cse lab ;)
islam say: the end of the time
that's ppl will talk too much and do less work
Practice does NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.
Practice makes Perfect, Nobody is Perfect...
I am Nobody
Just because you practice something doesn't make it perfect
I don't get that?
Now I go it did you ever feel like you ran into a brick wall!
lmfao that is my lab to a T, was just bitching earlier i was having one of those days again
Nothing can succeed if there is indiscipline , lawlessness and corruption in the body politic of our country.
I would not want to work in that lab.
hahaha lolz my college's situation :P
ha ha, thats how it feels sometimes!
So.. Which one will u use it .. I'll go with practice .. Result oriented 
just like how a cow eats milk (the logic of the conclusion above)
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
But in practice, there is.
You have 1 missed call-25/09 03:01 PM 18683081312-
Lol, sounds like my last job...hire a bunch of entry level lab techs off the street with no prior experience and end up with a Mongolian cluster F%ck hahahaha.
cong k
Life's like that,do not need to know how it works,things just work for u or they don't.let it be.
how true,sounds like my place of work .
It is the best way to combine theory and practice. Otherwise they contradict :)
Kind of like in our bed. She doesn't want to do any work and I don't know why.
Wow, this described perfectly the GOP party today. 
Now if we can get Mitt to sign it.....
not very true....  but good for laugh
Ah, it works in practice, but does it work in theory?
That makes so much sense. 
It's a bit like our workshop ha ha
You know everything and everything works. ( the perfect world)
Hmmmm.......Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs...that's why!
Right !!!^^ in my case, theory goes on a different way from practice
Ha ha ha.. If you know why you are not there yet ^^
absolutely right,,,that is success of carreer
just like the labs in our university
people say different words in life and use different...
You only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is tomorrow, you only have today! Today it's all that Matters ......
tell theory to watch practice and you'll get it
In this time, The theory and practice are perfect unification.
i don't seem to understand this description. someone should help me out
TL Nudd
"To lose is to win." -- Old Japanese proverb
"Toulouse is to win" -- Old rugbymen proverb
Or no one works because their high
This is exactly how I feel in lab sometimes...O.o
Boishakhi Restaurant &Mini chinese. prop:Haji Abdul Ohid mia, madobdi narsingdi dhaka bangladesh.
Sounds like Republican economic theory
it is so true.....
sounds like where i work. this made me +1 Technics. 
That's me right now, and for the past three months.
JP Lang
I've think I've worked there before.
Practice gives you freedom, and Theory gets a lot of ppl locked up
The lab sounds a lot like Congress.
OK can yah tell me the best I.T collage in the state cos i need one seriously 
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."
Sounds like the Obama administration.   LOL
aap ki baat se ham sehmat hai
"Theory" has a lot of definitions. I suppose the author of this piece is referring to the common vernacular, where "Theory" is actually "Hypothesis". Other usage (Scientific, Mathematical, Music, etc) certainly don't apply to this statement. 
That is why they say one who knows cannot do;One who does cannot say. That is the irony. Concentration is somewhere . 
its true....that's why they are called LABS....
haha..i luv that..!!!
Hmmm, this is theoretically practical.... maybe.... ;)
In real life also it is so.
I had to type a version of this up and take it to my workplace.
...but everyone still gets paid :)) Hire me :)
My laughters are not stopping.
how about we know everything and everything works??
How do you know this universal truth.
Jejejejeje is a nice one but I don't known is a need to sonthing
at least printer is working))
E agora em idioma português:

Teoria é quando se sabe tudo mas nada funciona.
Prática é quando tudo funciona mas ninguém sabe bem porquê.
No nosso laboratório, teoria e prática estão ligadas: nada trabalha e ninguém sabe porquê.
now a day practice have changed/taken  as theory !!!

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