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It's uploading, it's your problem now ;)
I apologize for the following:

The truest bane of working in the computer field in ANY capacity is when you have friends and family that KNOW you do.
"You want me to wipe and reload your infected computer. No problem. And you want me to save all your pictures ...documents ...movies and websites?! Oh, and you have to have it by tomorrow? And you don't have any software? But you're willing to pay me $20 for my troubles?"

THIS seriously happens a lot. If you are ever guilty of asking something like this to someone you know in the IT field, take this into consideration: (Keep in mind I WAY undershooting the average prices)

-Minimum, they probably make $12/hr and it will take several hours to do this. BUT you're asking them to do this during THEIR spare time when they would rather be relaxing, like you would be after work. Let's say he or she takes 4hrs)
-Low-end flat-rate for repairs is around $100. (That's just to wipe and reload.)
-Complete data recovery is about another $100
-A rush on a system is another $100 (easily a LOT more)

So, quick and dirty math sets this cost at $350!
And you offer $20-50? It's a slap in the face.
Realize that by doing this, you aren't a friend. And most techs would just as soon do it for free than take a $20. It's the equivalent of leaving a penny tip for your waitress or waiter.
/end rant
My uncle works with computers. Let me just say, he works VERY hard!
These excuses buys me about 10 minutes. The rest of the time, I'm working my ass off :)
So I forgot an apostrophe +Julio Ojeda-Zapata, not the end of the world
I like how the sysadmin is the only neckbeard in the drawing :P.
Forgetting an apostrophe is like forgetting a } or whatever in coding.

Not the end of the world, right?
I've used "It's compiling" before.
I had to wait 1 and a half hours for an image to render before my computer ran out of virtual memory and made me render again with less detail. D:
I hope in the next edition of InDesign they work in an excuse like this for me. The PDF compiler is too damn quick. "It's compi-- ah, okay, on to the next task."
Funny and incredibly true. I have no clue how much of my life has been spent watching a progress bar.
That hacker is hacking Like A Sir with his top hat.
so thats why most people stay on line all the time cool
It is as true as the plan set to achieve it; not disregarding realistic time frames and deadlines.
people lost in space ,meaning and who are you lol
I am here right now, because "it's compiling".
I actually could have seen this in the mid 90's, but it's just not accurate now.
This isn't necessarily true to people who work with computers, even though waiting for the machine may be a pretence. In any field, there are hard workers, the apathetic and others in between. Funny comic though.
Marketing: the engineers are still building it
Guess who has got more time here? definitly not for programmer. Compiling doesn't take much time.
how come my son can t find time 4 a haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's your problem now...not my,but I can help you.
impatient computer user: I hate these things
This sysadmin is pretty bad. I'd have said, "It's deploying".
Aww man having such a huge unable to see...
Well, "it's compiling" depends, nowadays, it can be true only if your hardware is cheep. or you are developing a super complex huge app, it wouldn't take more than minutes though.
My rule is "spend more on the hardware and forget about such problems for extra 4-5 years", ask the Intel core 2 Duo P8400 Satellite U400, every one wondered why would I spend + $1300 for it, Well, it's more than 3 years old and I still have neither problems nor worries regarding IDEs and Emulators, others changed their machines at least once, or they are suffering the "it's compiling issue" MASHALLAH. :)
+Chris Aultman Sing it loud, brother !! I work in IT Support on a help desk and most of my busy day is spent fixing the issues created by (most not all) the folks in the cartoon.
+Mike Stachnik Geek applies more to the habit of delving deep into the mental side of your interests. So it's possible to use a computer without being a geek, but a geek would have a greater depth of knowledge in that area if that was his sphere of interest. In the sciences being a geek is pretty much mandatory.
It's possible to work on cars without worrying too much about what's really going on inside, and then you have people that dive deep into the minute workings of them.
Some hobbies really only work if you're a geek, but geeks can be found everywhere.
as a Software Tester, I can attest to using the top 3 regularly at work LOL
Can't agree more. It's compiling!
This doesn't apply to the people that sell or fix them.
it has to be like this, computers are made to ease up the people's work. and it does like this, if you can manage the potential of a Pc.
let the machine work for you, not you work for the machine.
+Mike Stachnik yeah if you're shuffling paper around the world to foster the illusion of creating real value, you're going to have to move fast to stay one step ahead of reality. You guys make me laugh: you make 90 million one year, 150 million the next and lose a billion in the third. Everything looked great for the first two years, just like a falling man halfway past the 11th floor shouts to someone on the balcony "I can fly! I can fly!" while flapping his arms like mad.
Don't have to interact w/ur mouth..LOL...quiet time...pure focus~:/...gets the job DONE:)
What about the poor hardware tech? You know, the only one out of the bunch unfortunate enough to always have to deal with the customer.

"It's reloading"
o wow lolz that does sound true to AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Aw man. I am the kind of web developer who develops on his notebook and uploads it when it's finished. :D
Social Media Manager- "It's Trending"
Niiiiiiiiice!!! like it too much!!
i am not commenting on that i promise jason
Need to add Help Desk 'It's updating'
There's a few reposts appearing on here as of late. Still, I'm not complaining.
IT Tech, "Did you try turning off and on?"
Cannot explain how true that is ;)
not really agree just a damp/old tradition excuses
I am not sure I really get it but ok! It's cute! 
nooooooo its absolutely wrong buddy :(
i am web developer and i know how much time consuming it is ....................
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that is wicked funny. my dad works on computers all the time!!!! hahaha =P
ya ya !! D@z really true.. we r always rendering.. n d mean time we r sleep a lot...
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its really true and life is all about this
lolz my dad laughed to because he is a web developer,& programmer
We do other stuff too haha
You forgot the Grammar Nazi - "It's 'it's'"
Huh. Im pretty sure most IT professionals consider internet porn, online MMORPGs, forums, and chat rooms as part of the job.
And there was me thinking it was dragging the rest of the companies sorry asses because they don't do their jobs properly!
very true . but still get high salary.i think they get money that how they spent their time because they have no real work.
You forgot the Pirate:
It's downloading.
artflul drawing,so fantastic and with florid meaning ,is it afact???
It should read 'Windows sysadmin' for a +Linux sysadmin it should read 'I scripted it'
wow this is funny stuff
I'm Programmer, But Compiling Time is Very Lower Than Windows HANG ... ( Not Responsed ) :D
Lol.What kind of person would burn their laptop/computer?

It could happen to you, and it is wonderful @.@
LOL I love it!!! My husband did a little bit of everything with computers so I've heard all these excuses more than a few times lol. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today :) :)
Having worked at a few techie companies I can certainly LOL! I really like the IT consultant...
that is so funny haha awesome how did he do that and everyone go on youtube and type in greatest card trick ever!!!!!!!! look what happens
Dunno what sysadmin (maybe a Windows one?) is going to say "it's rebooting".
shhhhh.. it's supposed to be secret
Comment uploading "It's your problem now@
"Its your problem now" sound about right lol
rendering, compressing, exporting...I know these terms well.
Leo T
I like the smoking guy :)
The Tester: "It's Testing" :D
Hahaha seems like I know one of each of those guys.
I need to become one of these guys
hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah.......lmbo (laugh my but off)
Jay Tee very true.
I think a/v engineer has the most free time. "It's encoding!"
i would +1 this, but its at 1997, and thats my birth year, so i thought i'd leave it till it changed!!
you are sooo smart, I never noticed that til now!
Really cool. Hit home with me. LOL
Now I'm uploading files to FTP server. So I am free to comment in here :)
LOL. So damn true. Can't stop laughing.
"It's scripted" applies to sysadmin too :)
Why is that programmer naked? reality it's not as hillarious as stated :-P..dey usually get to work harder!!
that must be a pretty boring job
Real sysadmins don't reboot...
+Chris Aultman I heartily agree with you. Main quest is to find people that fix things that I don't know how to fix or ways that are better than mine ans learn how to do it. But as most of us know, Co.outer people. An really suck at teaching how to do things sometimes. Lolz
This kind of post is why I am disappointed of G+.

To be more precise the fact that 1) I have no idea why it's even showing up on my G+ page, and 2) please, it's been over a decade compiling even a huge code base took any meaningful time, and overall the post oozes ignorance of present day development dynamics, and to me it did not deserve to be bubbled up to top of my page.

When I go to FB, it's filled with admittedly trivial but interesting tidbits from my friends, relatives, and colleagues - a pic of their kid's birthday party, vacation stories, referrals to articles from people I actually know and (frequently) actually interested in what they find interesting.

When I go to Quora, I get pageful of very interesting questions and thoughtful answers by likes of Yishan Wong, Andreessen, and Dorsey, etc who if not answering from first-person experience on the subject matter, very articulate and researched.

Compared to FB and Quora experience, G+ experience is just... sad. As I mentioned before, I have no idea why this post is even showing up on my page - I have no recollection of subscribing to "Hot on G+", and if any developer on my team says s/he is idling around waiting for uploading or compile to finish (which is different from taking a break - however long - after a long coding session), I am going to fire someone, and if the responsible party is me, I will fire myself.

+Larry Page:

Please use your product everyday, and have serious talks with your G+ team what's going right, what is not, and how you can improve it. I love Google, and so many of your products and services add so much value to my everyday living and working.

But G+ blows in a major way.

I hear from friends who work for you say G+ is a major endeavor there. Go the extra mile to get it right, or give me a way to opt out without opting out of other Google services I really value.
Data Analyst: It's querying/refreshing/recalculating.
+Joseph Kim Go to What's Hot, then look at the slide bar at the top (directly to the right) of the words 'What's hot'. Move it all the way to the left, and hey presto, no more posts in your stream.

+Ben Yates I also like the What's Hot stream, I've found some extremely interesting people to follow on here, and some light hearted fun to distract me from the work I should be doing!
Ceaser Cipher: It's tooo encrypted with letter 3 cypher!
that was very cool! I like it.
Thanks goodness for those breaks because without them then our computer when be broken in pieces on sidewalk. ;)
Add to that: User, "It's updating"
Lol!!! Is all that I can say. Plus I think this is true that people do deal with these situations!!!
You forgot backup grunt; "It's production hours."
And mac users.. Need a new mac again..
I wish this was true for me but any of these reasons just mean I should be working on something else while I wait.
Funny! I'll have to tell my dad that one. He works on computers. :)
the worst thing is the rendering it takes ages when i make videos
lmao. I like the drawing of the IT Consultant. it reminds me of most experiences with computer tech support over the phone. LOL.
LMFAO! Me tele-working from home. Its all SO true .
Dear All
I have been Hypnotised. Please add me so I can ask for your help. Many of us do not remember, this form of communication can be effective so could you contact me, and pass word to those who want and can help.

Thumbs up of approval (I am a programmer, I get it)
working with computers is the way to go :p
You know, you could just combine "hacker" and "programmer"... I know that I've used both :P
Lol, sadly enough, I'm the hacker
like for 3D Artist! :))
the best part of modelling is Rendering of course!
Oh sad, I'm the designer / HTML / CSS guy... no excuses for me!!!
it's all probably just too true which is sad becuase those people like working with computers.
Mechanical Engineer: "It's iterating." And there is either a cluster of comps, or a comp with a hamster wheel in it.
So true.
Number 4 here (✿◠‿◠)
What ready blows my mind is how much time actually is spent waiting on the computer to do something? 30 %..20%? It's crazy.
but i have three computers.i must do sth other when one is compiling.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
This is mainly due to companies not wanting to invest in top notch equipment that would make such things faster. They give you 2-3 generation old equipment and expect you to work miracles.
totally true! 😄
Take this and add in a little Three Dead trolls "internet helldesk" and you have wait I did for a living for a while. Spookily accurate.
Software development is a bit like American Football. There's preparation for work, followed by intense productivity. Then you measure your progress and decide on how to execute the next challenge. To someone unfamiliar with the process, it looks like there's a lot of standing around, but actually there's always something happening -- even when "it's compiling."
Ha, that's funny and it makes so much sense
Lol i'm a consultant but I work at the helpdesk level, so it is all day I'm working, but I must say that this is truly how to people view the geek dept. - in the down time during installs and other things that we have to wait for to finish they see that as free time lol
Really? The same picture twice in one day?
Since I have to do all of these except 3D Artist I should in theory have an endless amount of free time, but somehow I always find myself lacking of spare time.
It's true, sometimes we want to do another thing while waiting but it makes us loose the concentration on what we were on.
So we just wait !
The Consultant bit is particularly true...
I love this pic but it is not all ways true
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