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I do both all the time. Just a few minutes ago I figured out why something didn't work all on my own without finding any helpful documentation and I was shocked.
With a heaving heart i say it happens more the first way then the second... 
I look around the room when that happens. 
Will L
This is the reason I didn't get far in my WebPage Design class :(
True history..


It worked I few minutes ago, it doesnt anymore, I have no idea why
Yeah I've had both of those moments. In the same code.
Time for a break when that happens...
it happens! The first happens almost all the time while using pascal, and the second one while using Smalltalk. The learning process is really stressful my friends. 
Jay Cie
Been there

Then again I'm horrible on commenting code.
So true! What's the point of getting some code working well when you do not really understand how it works. LOL!
Jay Cie
the fact it does. 
Jay Cie
AS a real world example I can't figure why this stoped working

import os
A=("cd Desktop\nget_flash_videos -p ")
while i==1:
    while Z==1:
        print("continue enter 1, else enter 0")
    while X>0:

Edit: it can't be that simple can it?
Had something similar with the CSS layout on a website I did. Should not work according to every doc I have read but does?
Haha, I have been there more times than I like to admit.
When you're the guy on the right, you are so much more fucked than the other one.
What? It doesn't really make sense. I think that it has potential, but less thought needs to be put into it, so it REALLY doesn't make sense, then you'll be doing great!
I don't ever type code
...but when I do, the code knows what to do
Jay Cie
Ok it went from doing nothing and looking like it's doing nothing to looking like it's working and doing nothing
All of you who have blown your minds ... you do realize you're going to need new ones now.
The punch and pray method of coding!
The second case is much worse than the first one
IS this before that pos laptop gets smashed tho?!? On one of the shots...:)
That is the difference between a programmer and a CS.  A CS can you tell you why but it might take a year.  
That's how I feel learning to code. 
It's even scarier when it works and you don't know why!
That methodology is how I passed my high school programming classes. True story.
Programming by coincidence... ahhh that's the life
Well every one who commeted is stupid because ive never done that oh ya i dont have a computer.
There's a little bit of Harry Potter in every programmer.
That sad part is how many developers actually operate this way...
Everybody is in the inglish language, and what about me? Shall be I don't Know... I'm gonna try
Us country boys are smarter then you thank
ahaaaa...since always...
Eye Gee
This is my daily life.. And I love it!
what kind of idea we should have man?
50% of the time left is true, and 50% right is true...wait...ummm...
So frakking true... I once copied the text and pasted it to another page... then that one wouldn't work... same code, two different outcomes. WTF?
Its called phishing and some hackers used this technique. Paypal got hit pretty hard by this as the hackers send emails and a link which mimics exactly Paypal look and feel. You enter the right password the first time, they take it and direct you to original Paypal page on your second attempt. This way they have your user name and password. 
Damn! I knew I shouldn't have updated to the latest!! :-) 
this the big problem for programmers..................................................................
which has not any solution
I hate it when that happens, a bug stops occurring without me knowing why, because I know it will be back to bite me as soon as I turn my back to it.
Totally....half the time you have no idea why it worked last night and didn't work the next morning...
bhahaha, well sometimes i had that moment too .'
lol.... nice one ... true for some programmers.. :)
Oh yeah I can Relate!!!
He must have learned to code at one of those 2-year technical schools.
Haha, I think he is using a Dell or an Acer!!! Classic...and perhaps the source of all his problems?!?
As I read this, the +1 count is at exactly +1337.

And there's nothing worse than working with the guy on the right.
My reactions while trying to code animation games in flash for class, hehe..........real bummer
Been there, done that.
I think the worst instance was years ago, I wrote a little routine in assembly. Whilst a teensy bit drunk.
It took me months to figure out what I'd done. Much less why it appeared to work. Or why it was a severely flawed bit of code that couldn't be relied upon.
If you don't understand it, don't commit it! 
Fun part is figuring why??!!
thats the secret to programming!
It's a rule of Nature.
if u want Right then become Wrong.
if u want wrong then become Right.
This so clearly explains how engineers think. Bottom line, they don't care if it's working or not, they just want to understand what's going on inside. 
The first is frustrating, the second is scary.
This is why coding in VI is so useful: you get frustrated before you can even write anything that can go wrong. 
y, i choose it, i have no idea why
that's why I quit that shit years ago...  head -breaker for sure!
Been there.. What I find is I then avoid looking at that code again until is completely necessary. I hate not knowing why it works..
It should go like this:
1. My code doesn't work, I have no idea why..
2. My code works, I have no idea why...
3. Does my code work?
Yeah but it's not funny! 
It should go like this:
1. My code doesn't work, I have no idea why..
2. My code works, I have no idea why...
3. Does my code work?  No Idea..
How is this possible? Who has the time? Amazing!
man I hate that.

I actually prefer "My code doesn't work and I know why" to "My code works and I don't know why"
what u mean by code, guys...............
I am having that problem now with my minecraft mod!
." i didnt gt it 
Typical day in work
$dos2unix filename
-- Try running it and fails 
$dos2unix filename
-- Try running it and it works !
some time's i'm also thing like that i thing :)
Well... no wonder!  He doesn't  have a telegraph key on his desk  ;-)
Also known as the halting problem :-P 
yep, sometimes it goes like this.... :)
yea thats really happen some time
It usually happen to me... I dnn knw how but it works.... feel like some magic happens everytime :P :P 
He will forget what happened soon, and will do same thing tomorrow :) worries, before some 20 years ago I was writing in Basic something that hasn't been working at all (apstract layer) today I have answer to my fault. It is not about we r stupid, still machines don't get us well. My answer to prayer is #F. My job was done 20y. ago. and was unusable to these days !!! 
linearly ideal with Sophisticated stupidity :P 
Vel Ma
Working @ Micro$oft? 
Zar Ni
Ha ha....
Try to use MACBOOK XL mybe its will work lol
Either ways, lets take a break and procrastinate before finding out why. :D
The modern computer world summed up a doctor
This is me almost everyday.
So true! That said... I prefer the left as opposed to the right because when it works for no reason then there's most often a gremlin in there just waiting to bite my ass when I least expect it. I suppose its what I get for coding after midnight...
An iterative anti-pattern development methodology. Very dangerous. Very common.
If the second is true the first will eventually be true

This is exactly why my programming skills never progressed.
everything is automatic.understand
I like to surprise myself. . 
Happens to me last night, troubleshoot till morning.. The codes works perfectly outside, in the end i traced all variables and found out its just falty reference.. Stupid..
The best part is when you have to QA this guy's code. 
Alex W
For me the reason to stop working as programmer. Never again!
Take a break, then come back to your coding. You might find the problem(s).
What Code is He talking about?
It's like he's been looking over my shoulder everyday!
I'm doing this scene right now, sometimes if i type "words" WORDS appear? yea I know Fasinating
It might be funny if it wasn't true... this post strikes home in a sad way for noob programmers like me :-(
$5 says it's the same code for both pictures
That looks like Visual Studio... No Wonder!!! Try rebooting your machine.!
ye pata hota to me sab ko bata deta hahah
I get it. I used to be a bit twiddeler.
Yep. That's pretty much how I look when re-writing css. Except in the second instance I am a lot closer to the screen and squinting. 
That´s me trying to make my code work on MS Explorer! LOL
I think it is impossible make this code works on MS explorer.
Now who hasn't edited a shell script and had this thought?
Must've been trying to write code in MFC 
Voçe Raquel Vieira parece uma piada no meu vocabulario,esta igual a  um foquete teleguiado vai onde voçe mirar ou seja maria vai com as outras...bjos..foquetinho.
u guys made me read this 300 times!!
Ugh. Code is a nightmare.
Solved problem ? If yes, go and solve another one!
Don't waste time on useless things.
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