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QUEST • QUESTION • What is it ?
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gif image... sry ... idk....1st comment , 1st +1
something related to the gear of the car
hehe:)) but gif image is much more true :)
Can't figure out what it is, but we have a system with perfect harmony.
Эксцентриковый кулисный механизм!
В зависимости от того, какой из валов выберем, будем иметь редуктор или же мультипликатор.
Wow!That's so funny!
don't know what it is but it is a rotating system that's for sure...maybe a ferris wheel or some turbine?
2x speed reducer /torque multiplier, without direction change?
I was thinking it was some kind of gearing system, I haven't worked out its efficiency as a gearing system, that's way over my head.
Cycloidal drive with a 2:1 gear reduction
the small whell rotattes in the big one ..right?
Looks like a possible water mill. The big wheel turns the small wheel; the small wheel has a faster rotation. Old tech?
a gear: smaller one with 2x speed
it is attempt to contradict law of conservation of energy. obviously due to friction it is impossible
I wonder what will go through those triangles -- this is the Point! Everyone knows it's a 2x speed rotation gear. So what will go through? likely to be light beams, maybe water, sand or something?
Indian election symbol
I came 2 no yesterday
i guess it is kind of flywheel which stores energy and realease it when needed
im guessing magnets that are repulsing each other, and generating electrecity
It is an ingenious gear.
Mechanism of a ferris wheel? lol
gearless reduction of power , or starter motor.
Besides looking really cool it looks like a 2:1 speed reducer.
Mmmmm and more mmmmm. Maybe a water wheel
I know for sure. In the real world, it's likely to hang up in no time.
Reminds me of water wheel.. Something potentially could be used to generate power.
Seriously. How can one's mind thinks of this whilst mine's not?
This pumps the water from the well
Duhh... it's a bread box :P.
Rotating Rationally Reoccurring Redundancy
A way to avoid traditional gears.
I don't see how this can be used to pump water.
Ingeniosa biela de tres pivotes no excéntrica
Ingenious three pivots crank eccentric not
maybe light passes through it
the small wheel takes half the time to do a complete revolution.
A complex implementation of 1:2 transmission
idea of free energy? doesn't look like it though.
The Daily Grind; it's not just a coffee shop in Seattle.
I don't know.but i think may be device for measuring time
Its a device that generates Ideas of Mass Perception.
some idea of perpetual machine
this some kind of slider mechanism......... like slider crank mechanism.....s that rit..........
It can be part of sprinkler or some spreader. It is not effective for to be gear.
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