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calling him is a big problame.. :P loszzz
Y = 1-800-900= -1699
this number is a problem aaaarrrrghhhh . . .
Dialed it and got message.. "you are dumb ass... check your number and dial again....must be an AT& T recorded message...
The answer is: Get a God-damned Phone with an inbuilt Calculator!
this is old story for ALBERT EINSTEIN = apple
you'll die n you'll never know the truth
mejor me pongo a estudiar...jajajajaja
est you check this web place out.has anyone done the math to get the phone number to call, I first wondered this as I posted the image 3 weeks ago.

And I think I may have gotten the image from this site. If math puzzles interest you check them out.
maths is not problem but calling on that number is biggest problem
they just don't want to receive my call. :-)
the first question I'd ask is what is the square root of the number One, if they give you a solid answer saay you want your money back. because the true anser is either one or impossible since 1 x 1 = 1.
Cool, they've got an excellent call service: an infinite two-dimensional space of telephone numbers...
not math — just arithmetics! most people mix up math with arithmetics which is just a tool (for) and a subset of math.
To unlock the number solve this 1800-18*100*0 :-D
Well, I got x = 0 and y= = i... in case any of you were wondering...
applying (x,y) as (0,0) and (1,1) we can see that the possible answers clearly reside in the negative realm of the Cartesian plain. Not a phone number.
dont forget the imaginary i in there because i would like you go get a phone number out of something with a sqr(-1) in it because that is what i is = to
It is sad that the person that constructed this graphic doesn't understand math. Zero equations, two or three unknowns. C'mon, that doesn't yield a phone number...
maths enikku ithiri paniyane athukondu njan ayakkunnilla
get a god-damned mobile with inbuilt calculator...........
by the time you solve it u'll no longer hav any probs regarding maths...
Zusi Qu
That's pretty dang funny!
1 equations, 2 unknown variables (assuming that i is complex) so you can't determine x and y.

In addition, (13i)^2 = -169 so this number should be:
The funniest part of this post is all the ppl who can't take a joke
in school= 1+2=3
homework= 3+7=10
test= Jonny gas two apples, Jonny gives one away
calculate the suns mass.

Wow people, just enjoy! This is funny, regardless of the actual math involved.
somebody has a really good sense of humour.
lol!! another problem
hahhahahahahaha aptal yaa
Excellent. I had to swipe this one. Thanks. :D
Jajajaja Bro can you call for me ???
erm... mom, how to press "[" on the dial pad?
i hate maths problem i hate mathsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,
Negative phone numbers! Does that mean they get directed to a parallel universe? 
Don't roll ur eyes at me...I'm obviously verrry serious about my question. +Zach Basich want to transfer to the fifth dimension with Jim and I?
I understand all! Jokesonjokesonjokes
so X value is 1 Y value is 800 &
i value is 799
thus 10 788 97 6900 or
041 69 380 8340
are phone numbe
Lol. I have no clue what number that is.
I Love Math but it is hard becose im a 3rd grader
lol...enjoy..this amazing maths trics............
i was a bit skeptical at first as this could have well been a joke. I figured 3 variables can't really lead to much sense. Turns out though that i is not a variable at all but the imaginary unit of (sqrt -1). Now its been a while since I've done stuff like this (and I have actually forgotten how to solve it) but my dear friends at provide an excelent computational engine. So, whack the equation in there and ...'lo and behold, this isn't a joke: ,the 3d plot of a cube.
Yes! I was the 1,000th +1'er...well, maybe...just refreshed.
haha that is the best! (does anyone know what the number actually is?)
dam and I ACTUALLY am having maths problems! but i got no chance of working that out...
+ 1800101322 since xy is not given, the logical solution is simply the numbers :-) 
thats stupid!!!!!!!! who puts that on the interent
The irony. The cruel, cruel irony.
Everyone should make this into a poster and post it at a study zone, tutoring center etc... at a high school or college.
dumb ppl put some x, y and i with numbers and think it's math, dumber ppl skimmed at it and went "fuck it" without really loooking
Neat. Jim your funny with the eye roll. Ha ha ha. . . . . . . .
Speaking of dumb people:
Here is the answer...
x!=0 and y=(2 pi n-sin^(-1)(1181V500x (1690 x-799))+pi)Vx and n element Z. SCHWOOOOOOO
I never could remember that phone number.
Just divide it by zero and everything will be alright.. :P 
Damn! my phone doesn't have mathematical buttons on it! going to have to upgrade it..... :-/
put in your own x, y to make your own number in there......
All you people who can't figure out that it's a joke are idiots. "It doesn't make sense", "square root of one is impossible", "x=0 and y= blah blah", "applying (x,y) as (0,0) and (1,1) we can see...blah blah".
+Jon Hanson you made the dumbest ass comment of everyone. IT'S A JOKE FOOLS!
Whatever happened to spelling? Arithmetic
damn im having a problem to dial the nunber!!!
hmmmm, the number seems to be wrong
lol, still having math problems here...
Math my second worst subject...
me to......DON'T happy
Again, with every post you and Brock post on Google +, i am not so gently reminded of my inferior math and technical knowledge. ;-)
No. Gambling problem. Dealer has a soft 17.
it's easier to take a deep breath and keep the prob aside than calling at this no.!!
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