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Something about PCs crashing and "Blue Screens of Death" goes next to the motorbike analogy.
MAC is UNIX based and Linux could be run on a PC as well..... The text should say Windows instead of PC :-)
+Moritz Tolxdorff Absolutely, and the Mac column should say OSX - although the text more accurately describes iOS.
What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.
Wow +Alex F, it's as if you're channeling Richard Stallman.
Tsk ... Tsk ... looks like whoever made this infographic has never used Linux in his / her life. Pity.
Steve Mayne
One point that everyone's missed: The Mac should be the most expensive of the three. And shiny. Very shiny.
I have a question - why are you comparing two hardware platforms to a software one?
Very poor analogy. Mac: Looks good, solid, very expensive. Windoze: looses power after a few hundred miles, keeps getting stolen, still expensive. Linux: It can be anything you want it to be, works out of the box, or you can fully customise it. For FREE!
Pan Ng
stop trolling the mac fanboys
Apropos only to the late 90s, with PowerPC (i.e., slow) Macs and when Linux was in its early years.
By using Linux we can made cycle super-bike or super-car as per our need
PC should be more like a unicycle.
it is true. on the right I think lot of motor parts are missing. On linux lot of real useful type of programs are missing... question: why? Anyway, I have Ubuntu installed, cause I like it
This is the third day in a row I've had to mute a "Windows vs Mac vs Linux" picture on what's hot. We need a hashtag for overuse of controversial content to get a spot on G+.
The MAC should be a Transformer Rolls Royce, since it is powerful like Linux, Easier to use then a PC, and a thing of Beauty.
Although I am a PC person though and though, this is true and funny!!
At the end of the day all your Linux fans, (I am one too) You cannot beat the raw power of a windows computer, Since when did GNU/Linux power Dx11? Take advantage of the full power in a GTX 580? Never because those power house pieces of hardware do not release drivers for Linux distro's and for that reason, windows is the true king. Because no matter how good Mac/Linux is built. Hardware adons will always be with Windows.
Oh don't forget that you can buy a seat cover, a head gear, a handle grip and a bell each for $99 with a Mac
Another example. I have a Razor gaming mouse, 5600dpi. Ubuntu doesn't even know it exists. I have to get out the crappy ol' 800dpi laser mouse from microsoft if i want to use Ubuntu. #dissapointedfan
Lies propagated by a big corporation. Ubuntu is fully integrated and operating system transparent. Very similar to MAC OS, has equivalent application software that cost either nothing or very inexpensive, very secure against hacking.
The last picture refers to LINUX as it was ten years ago. Blatant and unforgivable falsehood.
+kyle easter Never say 'always' - but your point is correct.

Now if Valve bring Steam to Linux (and do the necessary work to the Source engine) as was rumoured this morning, we might start to see hardware providers invest a bit more time in the platform. But that's a long way off, and desktop computing/gaming may well be dead before that happens.
Linux would be more like a customized bike instead of a box of parts. I'm an avid Linux user and never once have I ever had to assemble it. There are plenty of Linux distributions that do that for me.
Each platform has its strengths. My digital audio workstation is a Mac. I use Windows for Office and Games. I use Linux and other *nix platforms to run servers.
Show me the schematics and call it ArchLinux!
Worst analogy I've ever seen. To start with, you're comparing two hardware platforms that cost money to a free software platform. And then it's clear you haven't ever tried Linux (maybe you read an article about how it worked 10 years ago) if you think that picture applies. You don't address that Windows gets slower every week you use it, and that's not because you're so good at customizing it. And how about comparing the DOS command line to OSX and Linux, and the richness of the respective scripting languages? Does Windows have a package manager like OSX and Linux, since it's so customizable? Has OSX or Linux ever foisted on its users something like Windows ME or Vista?
should add a picture of a 10 year old labled typical user
I have a question. Where did this originate, and what is their motive? Sounds like a covert Microsoft marketing campaign.
With the evolution of the different Linux distros you now get a very user friendly system with amazing options. Distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mint offer a very simple install and user friendly interface. You actually have to work hard to break it.

The best part of Linux is you can go back to the old way of doing things with some of the more customizable distros such as Arch and Gentoo to list a few.
Obviously someone who only does Word, Excell, and Explorer. , not someone who does serious work on a computer
this is nothing even closely connected to the three platforms. but i like his sence of creativity
Made by a windows fan boy.
With Linux, you build it how you want. If instead of a motorcycle, you can have a helicopter or maybe even a jet. It's up to you to do whatever you want. There are several distributions that have fully-functioning packages, including productivity applications and utilities, but Linux never takes away your absolute control (when used wisely) of your system. When it comes to the real workhorses of the world, Linux is the OS. 13 of the top 15 supercomputers in the world run Linux. Linux was James Cameron's choice for Avatar & Titanic.

Games & hardware write for Windows, since those companies want a piece of the Windows desktop empire. As more and more people migrate to "alternate" Operating systems, that'll change. A lot of hardware may start-out for Windows, but get a Linux compatible driver set soon after. If the hardware manufacturer doesn't, the Linux community can step-up and piece together a solution.
+jody Read ;+John Kirsopp ---> fully endorse your views.Linux presently is more than a bike with modular approach to build one.One could easily build a bicycle according to CHOICE and needs with customization,though being ROCK STABLE what has been build(properly with care...)
I had Ubuntu installed on a laptop booting off a thumbdrive after my harddrive went kaput. It was clean, fast and tolerable.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
so how about tell me why you are using a computer??? haha retard
u can customize ur LinuX like a jet with full speed and security...if u knw the instruction
that's what i love about Linux... you can not only customize it but can build it! :D
This tells me that Linux is in pieces and will not run
PC is customizable while mac has its own products. well linux is technically customizable like the pc but to a certain extent. (compile!)
Luc@mainpc~$ man wheel
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj (Scrolling down, that is.)

3 pages of text how to assemble only the wheel in a load of different ways and configurations.
Before reading the text, I thought this was a warning:
"It starts with training wheels, then you get the motorcycle, and finally you end up in pieces by the side of the road."
Its so accurate it makes me want to send this picture in an email to Apple.... >:)
ReN Ju
open source means freedom
It's reasonable what the poster shows about linux considering a (windows I guess) PC is 'hard to dirve' ? and something to be learned.
I guess that for someone who thinks windows is powerful, linux is like black magic
Love my iPad for sitting on the sofa, want my NINJA for real drivin...
"Speed" in computing is a measure of how much can be effectively accomplished in a given time, not CPU cycles. This diagram would seem to be backwards.
nICE - but now true enough; Li(u)nix has evolved very much~
It a fun and silly "poster" - though a little misguided. Macs are absolutely customizable if you're smart enough to know how. They are also built to last unlike most Windows machines. Mac is built on a Unix platform, you are aware of that right? And Linux OS's can be installed on either Mac or Windows machines. Windows also runs on Mac machines. Now there's a funny image. The Ninja on top of the kids bike. LOL
I'm kind of sick of seeing the identification of Windows machines with PCs; a PC is any computer made to be used by an individual. I really don't understand how this kind of misuse of terms can still be alive.
I don't give a crap for the operating systems, just give me the Ninja
Yeah, this is pretty much the best one I've seen. Most of them are gross exaggerations (but funny, of course).
i wise to work with you and this is my number 0543037932
Comparing two hardwares with an OS. Very smart indeed.
Windows customizable? Yeah right. The moto image and text could be linux seriously. And the third would be Linux for scratch.
i liked linux, but the programs, the knowledge for it is just to much to relearn, besides im used to windows and it works fine for me
Mac is a Personal Computer, and for the past few years they have been using x86 architecture because their proprietary hardware was a total failure.
Windows customizab
le? Yeah right. The moto image and text could be linux seriously. And the third would be Linux for scratch
they switched to x86 because IBM was failing to deliver low power, low heat processors, specifically in the mobile space. Oh, that and to run windows on mac hardware, to give folks a safety net "their proprietary hardware" ? what?
Aww, that makes me nostalgic for my old Ninja!
My Ninja is actually the easiest bike I ever drove. It almost drives itself , it is so well balanced. I have that same bike for real, only its a 2006 and silver. It is the easiest bike to drive I ever had. You just have to be really careful with the throttle. XD
I have both in my home and I have had replace more MAC's then PC's
In the last 7 years I've had to replaced 3 Mac books @ $1700
.... hummm... I think a lot of this is perception.
Again with the comparison of OS vs platform vs Kernel? -.-
Who the hell does these things anyway?...
Except that people now actually do "die" on Macs, as hackers are starting to target them due to their larger market share.
I'm kind of disappointed with the Linux picture. There's not enough parts.
More parts! And it doesn't show a big man-page booklet for instructions on how to use each part and where to file a bug report- I mean RMA.
Gela Gh
Hahahahaha omg this so true!!!
Not very true. I use all three OS's and they all have their place. Mac often out performs my PC and I've NEVER felt like Ubuntu was just a box of parts and pieces.
Stuff like this is just ignorant -- I use what works for me -- and which allows me to accomplish what I need to be done. All computing platforms have their good points and bad points -- and that's a fact of life...
C Busse
And thats why I have Windows and decide to jump off planes throw my self off roofs ride at 250mph spray walls take drugs go crazy on weekends and paint the world red... I am a PC
and when you build the linux motorcycle it looks like the one ghost rider drives!!!
that's why i use mac... and i'm not ashamed at all!
fight the power! you don't see many people defending windows... cause it sucks :)
Can't put it in a better way!! and Linux is for builders Hahaha
My box has 2 of those on one boot manager, and I hear all 3 is possible :)
I'm confused by the PC/Linux distinction. Did they mean to write "Windows" for the middle one? Otherwise, you can run Linux on PC, and in many respects comes as a far more complete and ready-to-use package than Windows these days.
the person who published it has mental problems ....PC/Windows...unlimited in peace...
Why not use the "In The Beginning Was the Command Line" analogy of cars and car dealerships instead? It's much more accurate.
can anyone feel the mac user bias?? goes to show you. even the author thinks hes a 4 year old child. MAC for kids. windows for adults. linux for clever adults..
So Noob never use linux distribution. In fact is the most amazing customization than any other.
This is wrong, Linux is a OS not a hardware platform
"Imagine..Life Without Walls." Ahh no privacy!
Definitely BO Mac for me :-)
+Omis Irinoul You're right that Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD code, but unix is more a philosophy (or even a culture) than a particular codebase. The fact is, Mac OS X and programs written for it (especially those written by Apple) usually consolidate many features and purposes into one program, require GUI interaction for configuration and operation rather than sockets, flags, pipes, and text files, and lock you in to one particular windowing manager and init system. I'd argue that Mac OS X is a non-unix operating system that uses unix code. This is a fine thing to be, but it's not unix.
Lol, there are a lot of butt-hurt mac fans it seems.
me encantaría ver la motito PC en un jardín de infancia...A cada usuario lo suyo...
I'm so tired of this ignorant bullshit. A mac from a development stand point is about a thousand times more powerful than windows, though it lacks games and server capabilities. Linux is good as well, but isn't quite there for desktop integration, and also lacks games; awesome as a server though. Window kicks ass at games, but fails to be a good development environment, and proves to be WAY too damned expensive to run as a server.

This is as retarded as comparing hammers, and saying a sledge hammer is more awesome than a finishing carpenters hammer because it can smash a wall. Try tapping in the finishing nails into a banister with a sledge hammer, and you're an idiot.

Being ignorant of the facts doesn't make you smarter, it only makes you feel smarter.
I still love Linux. They are original. Windows takes ideas from new Linux versions all the time. Their is freeware. Tux for life!!
This is so unreal!!!.... No more words!! It fails in justice to MAC, and it absolutely got it wrong for Linux!!!
pc meaning "personal computer" windows, mac and linux are all a"pc" I have all three, and this post doesn't really fit ether. good try thought :P
So Mac is for kids, Windows dumbasses that want to look cool, and Linux is for professionals that want to build a super bike? Sounds about right to me.
What does an OS like Linux have to do with a computer type like Mac or PC? I mean, you can install Linux both on Mac and PC. So I believe this motorcycle is PC with Linux installed, right?
I suppose it makes sense that I'm a Windows admin that commutes on a Motorcycle everyday.
This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. 
Linux is blooming in a big way (esp. Ubuntu!). Do not write it off!
The mac comment is appropriate though! :-)
10% rule. You have to be 10% smarter than anything you touch if you expect it to work.
The PC needs to be made of flimsy plastic, and have a large number of stickers identifying the parts suppliers and urging upgrades to the pro/premium/corporate editions. And there's no spare key.

The motorcycle should be Linux. The bicycle, but without training wheels, should be Windows, and a vespa scooter should be mac.
LOL, if you think this is true, then you don't know shit about operating systems or software. Too many idiots and trolls in the tech industry, these days that think they know shit but don't. =/
At the core this has it right. Thought perhaps the Mac is more of a regular bike or scooter. The right tool for over 80% of the user base. The PC can be but it's customizability is mostly overkill. Not for me personally though, I assemble my own system ;)

Different strokes.
if the speed is much u can get injured and die
The 3rd picture is also the contents of your office after years of owning and customizing the second picture....
So unless you have access to a unlimited supply of gasoline you're best choice is Mac?
OSX is UNIX-based. Without the security layers of UNIX, there would be no iCloud as everyone failed to secure clouds. UNIX is like it's founding father. Without UNIX there would be no Mac, just like without Linux there would be no money hungry Fedora/Redhat. To argue that OSX is a non-unix OS is the same as saying "The sun isn't that hot, it's actually quite cold". Hit some books, learn a few things.
Installing Ubuntu for the first time went like this: I put in the CD. I turned on the computer. It found my wireless, went and got all the pieces, and built me a fully-functional dual-boot system with Windows on a separate partition in about 30 minutes... that is not a pile of parts on the floor.

It NEVER hands me a blue screen of death. And I don't get the extortionists sending me an email every 2 weeks about how I'm going to get viruses unless I pay them money (1)... Or new pieces of software battling it out for control of the registry. Or that snarky warning screen you get after the BSOD: "To avoid seeing this in the future, be sure that you shut down correctly." (Or whatever it was. Haven't seen it in 9 months. Free, free, I'm FREEEEE!!!)
1. Is it just me, or does the anti-virus sales pitch sound a lot like this:
"Gee. That's a nice Windows machine you've got there. Be a pity if anything happened to it."
You used the wrong photo for the PC, should have been a used, rusted out Indian. Both are of now value except to a few nut collectors.
This is such a stupid and boring debate to still be having in 2012.
Another great PC to Mac Comparison....with some Linux
200.000.000 linux based units activated last year, can't be that complicated. Hint: Android.
Linux is simpler to use! They use it on "one laptop per child", chrome. And on smartphones, so anyone can use, even those that doesn't use computer.
When Linux can handle all of the software my PC can, I will gladly switch. When Macs can use the same hardware and software my PC can use, I will gladly switch.
I am new to the Obuntu world and I like it so far. It is simple and works as advertised.
Macs are for hipsters that have too much money
We need one for a iPhone & android.
I'm not sure where a hackintosh fits in this picture..
+Jason Kalka in a year or 2 that argument won't matter anymore because all apps go to the SAAS-cloud. Many offices I know are already halfway through migrating and M$-OEM-consultancies are left behind wondering what hit them. As usual too little too late and ppl are completely fed up with them anyway.
I call BS. My phones and tvs all use some form of linux, and I didn't have to install it. They just work. I installed Linux on my laptop faster than it took to install Win7, and guess who doesn't have to wait for updates to finish when starting up or shutting down? This guy. Linux being hard to install or use is an ancient myth. Modern distros are easy to install, use and maintain. Please delete this trollbait.
I agree Brendan. I have never installed an Os EVER and installed Ubuntu in less than 20 min with no support.
Nice +Seonaid Lee :-)

1. Is it just me, or does the anti-virus sales pitch sound a lot like this:
"Gee. That's a nice Windows machine you've got there. Be a pity if anything happened to it."
I don't know that I agree with this. Mac's look far cooler than most PC's I've ever seen, and the majority of the Linux distributions are essentially turn-key, and not at all complicated.
the guy who make such posts have must have no knowledge about computer-thingy and i am sure he had never used any Mac.
That's pretty on Par with my PC. Rocking an SSD with two Velociraptors in Raid, 16GB or RAM and Dual GPU. Yup, my PC is a f**king Ninja!
Caps lock is on the left side of your keyboard.
I normally buy what works for whatever task I need. Elitism is the downfall of the tech-savvy.
In light of the problems Apple's been having with viruses, this might be poorly-timed. To say nothing of the circa 1999 ideas that the author appears to have about Linux...
my guess is that the person who made this graphic is outdated. The back end of OSX is BSD and is a form of Linux.. it's like buying that super PC with a custom engine.

IF apple OS8 or below were still around. then this graphic would be more true.
MAC or PC or Linux hmmmm, none. Thank you. No cell phone either.
Nicely put, though like any another ad it's a bit stretched! ;-)
I am writing this on a galaxy note.. running android, which is by far the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Its also Linux. That pic of Linux was correct in the early 90's.. no longer.. TiVo, all Google stuff, tons of TV's and blue ray players and tons of other stuff run Linux now. You probably have half a dozen copies of the Linux kernel running in your house and don't even know it. The windows pic should also say, not as customisable or fast as Linux, and that even if you do everything right, it will occasionally crash for no apparent reboot. Oh and periodically you must get off and restart the bike or it will get slower over time. :-)
Eric S
Hogwash. It's not PC its Windows fool. And your post came via (gnu) php on a (gnu) Linux server, using (gnu) TCP/IP protocols through 6 (gnu) linux router hops to my linux, which was installed with 5 questions in 15 minutes while I played hearts on the machine it installed too at the same time. It had all the drivers and software I needed included. It has now been running 232 Days straight without a problem, my Windows machine, not so much. If Microsoft had risen to power in the 60s we would have never HAD an Internet.
PC means personal computer. Mac and Linux are PCs. Are we still making these comparisons after so many years? This is getting old. 
+Walter Woodliff Are you a wizard? Because you just posted to Google+ without using a computer or phone. TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS
There are so many things wrong with this picture.
mac = audi r8 | win pc = lada | linux = kit car be more apt ;)
Eric S
Like the raw computing power of *nix was doing "cloud" before it was a buzzword, so which should be the speed bike?
Like the fact a PC is a personal computer, which is what all three Operating Systems run on.
Like the fact OSX would be more like Amtrack. Cool looking and runs fast, but you can only go certain limited places with it.
Like the fact that Windows has a worse stability and security record then any other OS, ever. It's more like a unicycle with the rider having a jetpack. It's a balancing act keeping it going and sooner or later it will die.
You forgot to mention that the pushbike with trainer wheels only comes in one size and colour. Also: if you want to find a PC that fits the analogy it has to be running Linux, and to find a Linux system that fits the analogy you have to look on usenet archives.
Linux comes pre-assembled these days, complete with full manual and tool kit for making customizations. Contrast the macroshaft OS using 'security' fasteners to keep the computer owner out.
No, that's not enough. PS3 is also limited. I use the tricycle, which incidentally also can fly at speeds of 150+ mph. I wonder who gave that Windblows poster the idea that that is a true representation of how things are. It is such a MISREPRESENTATION.
A Windows PC should be more like a Nascar car: very powerful for running in circles, nice looking plastic on the outside, and crashing all the time!
Sadly that little bike is more expensive than the pocket rocket, and if you try to change the bell your warranty will void.
When was this image made? 10 years ago?
First of all definitions:
- PC is a hardware platform, assuming that it refers to an IBM PC compatible computer.
- Mac is normally a hardware platform + an Apple OS (e.g. OS X). Mac hardware nowadays is essentially a PC platform.
- Linux is an OS kernel. On this picture it could be the engine of the bike :-) Linux can run on a PC hardware, on Mac variety of PC hardware, and on many other things: Android phones run Linux kernel, your home router most likely runs Linux, etc.

So the picture doesn't compare apples to apples.

Now to the comments:
- It is pretty easy to fall on the side on a bicycle with training wheels, especially on turns or on an inclined surface. Much easier than on a regular bike. And yes, Apple products tend to be less customizable.
- PC by itself (as a platform) is pretty customizable. You can run a Linux-based distro, a Windows, or a Hackintosh :-) - A Linux distribution doesn't come in parts and doesn't require manual assembling unless you do something like LFS ( Linux distributions for at least the last 10 years are pretty polished, and don't require a lot of tuning.
- If we were to talk about customizability in OS, Linux is much more customizable than OS X or Windows.
Price is everything:
MacOS is luxury car with leather interior, diamond studded wheel.It even come with a driver trained to drive this car. It'll cost you lot money though.
Windows is a cheap Kia, everybody hates it but has no means to do anything about it. Such a hugely popular car that everything else is designed for it, from garage doors width to perfectly fitting bicycle rack. There is a ice cream make on the market that installs straight into the boot.
Linux is a free pass to a scrapyard near you, pick whatever you want, build whatever you like. If clever enough it is possible to build a car far better than Mac, or a tank, or an oil tanker. if you don't know about car mechanics in depth - it'll crawl slower than an old Kia, overheat, fry your motor. Or won't even start/boot.
Seems like this was made by a PC gamer stuck up on antiquated stereotypes. If this is what he truly believes he could use brush up on his computing knowledge just a bit.
The first and second could also be iPhone and Android. Not sure what the third would be in that comparison...
Mac's get viruses (Flashback botnet among others), Mac's crash about as often as my windows machines do (very little)

PC is an incorrect term that Apple as tagged to windows machines, as PC's (Personal Computers) apply to Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Linux distro installations and interfaces have come along way with the likes of Unity(meh) and Gnome3. But some assembly is required still fits it perfectly.

While im not trying to bash any of the operating systems, just the facts in this picture. As Apple creates some very slick and well designed hardware (albeit a bit expensive, seeing how i can accomplish any task a mac can do on my Windows machine, cept iPhone dev lololol)
Windows Phone , you know tiles...
Heh. what people don't know is that a mac is actually more like linux under the hood. it comes from an open source BSD solution that works a lot like the picture of Linux... They just assemble the pieces and make it looks like you can't customize it. The reality is that they just put a custom window manager in place with a abstraction of libraries for developers to use to play nice with their UI. The real inner workings isn't apple at all.
I'm using Windows 7, but I have Linux (Ubuntu) on a virtual system, and I really don't think it's as good as many people here claim it to be. Most good programs don't work on Linux, so you have to search for some rubbish that should do the job.. and hope that it really will. I think Windows 7 is a huge improvement, when compared with xp or vista.. still, I really want to try a Mac, then decide which is best..
There must be something so good about apple that everyone feels the need to compare themselves with it...
I don't mind putting a bike together, if is free like Linux.!
This is Linux. Any Questions ? - is so hilarious than anything else in this :-)
Although not entirely true... it's funny!... hehe
The pictures don't even depict the truth. This is coming from an IT professional? I'm always skeptical of IT industry people who have strong biases.
Guess the debate continues unabated! I use all 3 systems. I need to, for various reasons. But linux is free. And to do some of the things it does best, yes you DO need to compile stuff from soure code. So while Ubuntu or other flavors come packaged, I find I need to compile many things. I use SUSE, with a lot of added stuff. I work with images and video. So why do I need windows then? Well, honestly I need some graphics software that still don't run on Linux. The day some companies provide their programs on the Linux platform, I will not have to use Windows any more. In other words, it's possible to MOST Windows things on Linux nowadays. But I am not a die-hard fan or fanatic. All systems have plusses, minuses. I say if you really want to have fun, why not try all 3?
I have two of the three. My Windows 7 PC still sucks and my Mac still rocks. And I can field strip either one of them in about 45 minutes.
@ Steve: I've never seen a blue screen of death on a PC. I'm no pro, but if you're gettin BSoD then stop downloading porn and or L2PC.
+RAJIB ADITYA I am intensely using Linux for many years now and I have never compiled a package in my life. I still don't understand where this myth comes from.

As you said, Linux is free but not only as in 'free beer'. The fact that I can just grab a USB-stick and install it on any machine in around 40 minutes without worrying about licenses and endless hardware checks, is what makes it FREE to me.
@micah you can get blue screen if your hardware is faulting, such as my video card has been lately, need to fix that.


Virus != death if you know how to fix it.
paul o
Very funny 
I'm on a Mac but put a couple of baseball cards on the front wheel. Sounds just like a PC (hahaha)
Using Ubuntu in a virtual window on Windows ie 7 will not allow Linux to use all its abilities. I run multiple boots on several hard drives and thumb drives. I can have a whole bunch of fun working and playing with Linux's distributions. If I mess it up, I just re-install it. When my Windows is running OK I make an image of it to another drive so I'm never more than a few minutes from being ready to go again. Windows corrupts and is prone to viruses. Linux users can remove files from a downed windows machine and will not itself become infected. Windows will not read Linux.
Fei Fan
Linux sometimes, especially desktop version, was based on PC 
Ioana x
I a Ubuntu user, Linux with training wheels and I love it. Won't go back to PC!
This would have applied much better to the current IOS/Android/Windows 7 mobile scenario, in that order to agree with the pics.
Good one :D But but choice choosing the kawasaki. It does its own BSODs ;ddd
Ubuntu's aweseome, and free (unlike Windoze)! Plus, I can tweak the GUI to look as much (or as little) as my beloved XP!

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8GB (4GB x2) DDR3-SDRAM-1333 High capacity battery No engraving Microsoft® Office 2010 Starter (Click More Info for details.) No Fresh Start 512GB (512GB x1) solid state drive Intel® Core™ i7-2860QM quad-core processor (2.50GHz / 3.60GHz with Turbo Boost) Blu-ray Disc™ player / burner Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-bit Black 16.4" 2D Full HD LCD display (1920x1080) with LED backlight Sony® Imagination Studio™ Multimedia Edition NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (1GB) dedicated graphics

$4,099.00 17-inch MacBook Pro
Part number: Z0NG
2.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM — 2x4GB
512GB Solid State Drive
SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
MacBook Pro 17-inch Hi-Res Antiglare Widescreen Display
Jo Cha
Isn't this meme getting old? And irrelevant? My old dad uses Ubuntu, my computer sceptic sister uses windows, and my astro physicist friend runs simulations of galaxies on his Mac. All your stereotypes have died I'm afraid.
i thnk it's hilarious how people complain about apple's practices.. i find it even more amusing when graphics like this one are generated.. it's like how everyone compares their mobile device to an iphone.. because it set the bar..

frankly i'm tired of hearing iphone to android comparisons.. it's apples to oranges..

sadly though, innovation costs a lot more than people realize.. more than most windows users are willing to fork over.. and the linux crowd.. they're too busy feeling high and mighty because they compiled something
this just doesn't make any sense. Linux runs on PC (among other things - it also runs on oruters, TV's, Smartphones -Android...). If bike represents PC then Linux is the one that can customize it (that can pimp that ride!). Unless if you ment windows by PC in which case again it's not true since windows source code is closed so it is not fully customizable. but can be pimped (themed) a bit.
EDIT: Linux ofcourse also drives the web (ruins on servers9 and powers most of the supercomputers - so kind of powers those that go Warp speed.
I find it funny how with a Mac, you can't repair it yourself, customer service knows less than I do [ i'm a windows certified expert], and the software to run it costs 100-1000% more than windows or linux software to do the SAME DAMN things... so maybe i'll deal with the occasional hiccup or repair, at least I can do it myself. If thats not for you, pay the fees and enjoy waiting at the mac store for service, I'll get mine from 100 other places for my parts and service... I like having choices.

As for setting the bar, when a company that spends billions on style and design to make it monkey simple to figure out, and a way to charge you for every little thing, then yes it sets a standard because as a business who doesn't want millions of mindless people with open wallets saying help yourself...
If you duel boot pc with Linux then you get an awsome motorbike and lots of free parts so you can make the motorbike even better and if it breaks down you can replace the broken bits for free. 
hmmm....well, dear Watson, i do believe this man is onto something....takes a puff off his pipe......Linux is VERY broken....
funny, i work in a windows environment, every day.. and when i go home, i look at os x.. there are plenty of hardware upgrades that can be performed.. either by complying with the HCL, or by writing your own kexts [not for the faint of heart]

repair of any apple product requires the wilingness to replace the individual components, much like with a windows based system. the thing that apple does, is take out the guess work.. the hardware that is on the HCL is gauranteed to work. so the trade off is stability for options. if you can't figure out how to perform a hardware swap on an apple product, then you're not trying hard enough, or are simply not interested (in which case, stay away from them, as the hardware is expensive)

go look at modern RAM, on a high end system, the voltage has to be right, and the latency timings have to be right... if you are into overclocking, you have to be careful.. and for a small portion of computer users, this is exactly what they want and need to feel happy about thier purchases.. some of my friends are really into this aspect of computing. but they're more into gaming and hardware in general.

the real deal is that it works, because the hardware is compatible.. this frees up a lot of time for content creaters who have more important things to do than customize their machine.

all that being said.. yes, the software works on both platforms (for the most part) in the end it comes down to what people want or are used to.. i dont' know any contracters or diy enthusiasts arguing about screw drivers or hammers... at least not for general applications..

again, comparing apples to oranges
Year with linux and you can build a helicopter with that...
Ubuntu rocks!
Meh, more fan boy bickering. With more of a Windows background then anything else (ten years working in IT Administration) I can tell you the real power is between the chair and the keyboard regardless of OS.
The deception here seems common:
Just because you have access to all the parts and CAN put them all together the way you want from scratch doesn't mean you MUST do so.
GNU/Linux allows you the ABILITY to put together every component from scratch and modify it. And you also have the ability to get a completely pre-packaged and built system where you do nothing at all to it. And everything in between.
Most Linux users actually have the mostly pre-packaged experience. If you were to pick up, say, Ubuntu or Mint, two of the most common desktop distrobutions, you would likely do far LESS assembling than with Windows (by the way, the above really means Windows, not PC. PC is not software specific, and Linux is not hardware).
Or they know it through things like the Android phone, or TiVo, or any number of other random things people have around that actually all run on Linux and the end user does nothing or very little to it.
question- who is the best?
I think linux cause it has the most personalisation: everything is up to you.
This is such total BS. Several Linux distributions are easier to install than Windoze. You can customize Linux, you don't have to. And guess what kiddies, it doesn't crash or get viruses.
working in a vfx film pipeline on a mac blows
Red bike = Ubuntu, black bike = Arch, parts = Slackware.
Greg S
Linux has a horrid user interface and bad user experience, and the people that make it are very resistant to doing the things that would be needed to improve it. The picture chosen for it, despite its much-vaunted improved ease of installation these days, is still very applicable.
hey i have dat same pic. . .lol i luv it
Wow... another pic made by someone who doesn't know the difference between a PC and an operating system... and Linux is much faster than windows so try adding a Ducati instead of an incomplete set of parts. Can't expect someone who can't tell the difference between hardware and software to accurately judge though
I wonder if this is what you call BS! YES 'BS' IT IS. GEEZ!
This is so year 2000.
There are a few problems here. First, macs can reach the same speeds as everything else with greater safety, but very overpriced. They are more like a luxury car.

PCs tend to be less sexy and less safe with a shorter lifetime, but equally fast given the same hardware. More like a minivan.

Linux is less like the parts of a motorcycle and more like the parts of a tank. Correctly assembled, it will blow everyone away. Incorrectly assembled, it will blow you away.

Also this metaphor finds its origin in 'In the beginning was the command prompt' by +Neal Stephenson.
PC's aren't hard to use. You're just a n00b.
This si so cliché... and in fact not entirely true. My linux machine is not in pieces...
People that write these things are stupid. SERIOUSLY... OSX has Unix underneath it... so its just as customize-able and powerful as Linux..... which is WAY more so than Windows! So, to correct the picture, swap the bike and the motorcycle! Actually, Linux would be a fully assembled motorcycle as well. The only difference would be it comes with an instruction manual on how to take it apart. Whereas with OSX and Windows, there's no documentation for this...
It's like this... a Mac computer is one you get for a 5th grader as their first unreasonably expensive item to destroy. However, a Windows computer is one that you get for managing or operating a business to the seemingly fullest extent. Linux... well... Don't even try if you don't know know what it is, inside and out, when you hear the name itself.
hahahah but by the now we have linux mint and ubuntu so not exactly like THAT :P
post this to at least 10 other pages or you will die
morgan get a life
The hardware for the PC and the Linux machines should be the same. I don't see any mention of software in the legend which is probably why the Mac is a tricycle.
@Mortiz, Linux is run on PCs. I've used it for six years. Very customizable. 
I do not really agree with the linux portion.
If you stick by made for linux software/hardware and you do not get into hacking windows made software into it, I'd say it's more stable then the smurfette sex life.
This is uninformed BS. Try something before you pan and misrepresent it. As it turns out, a Linux distro is easier to install than Windows -- only one CD is required for Ubuntu and no end of applications. There's no need for CDs for mouse and GOD knows what else. And lets not forget that Windows doesn't come with any applications -- more CDs. That's not to say that if you chose you could build your own Linux from source code you selected.
lol. I agree. Never have been a big fan of the Mac.
How about we leave it at each system has their benifits and downfalls and it all comes down to a preference issue as a user to which one best suits your needs.
Like the comparison but like always its anybody choice on what they want to use and handle.

Very true , but the linux is kinda off with new os being very similar to the windows platform now
wow! the characterization of Macs is wrong. A mac is more like the Ninja motorcycle with the ability to customize like Linix you just have to want to learn how to
lol... linux~ assembly urself~ xD
One of the many reasons why I use Linux.
This is but accurate and far to be true. I don't agree with windows 150mph nor the linux illustration. Linux out of the box is way ready than windows out of the box.
yea that is a cool black motorcycle
I hope the price difference can be the same as in this pic B-)
I've tried Mac for several weeks, it's like jump from playing PS3 to Sega Genesis. The same when I tried iOS
+kyle easter - there may not be DX11 for Linux or Mac, but current OpenGL is pretty much feature equivalent. Running the latest Windows 64-bit NVidia driver on my GTX 560ti the Heaven benchmark looks great at 2560x1440 with DX11 tess on, but in OpenGL (openSUSE 12.1 64-bit Linux) it runs only a few frames slower but looks better to my eyes with the same settings (maybe explaining the slightly slower frame rate). DX11 is nice, but it exists partly to restrict game development to Windows only. OpenGL could be just as easily used, is multi-platform, and there are some games engines that use it already. The outright lack of truly multi-platform games for Windows/Mac/Linux is less about capability of graphics on different OS's, and more about Microsoft protecting its revenue stream, using shrewd marketing and vendor lock-in deals.
this doesn't even make any sense... you are comparing two kinds of hardware to an operating system.
@James Dent

how are they different hardware? you can install a mac OS on a pc or vice versa. you can install linux on microwaves... so you're statement doesnt make any sense. i think the main point of this picture just shows how and over priced Apple products are compared to Microsoft or even linux. in most cases, you get what you pay for. but in my opinion that's not the case in this argument.
I have a question... Why does Linux not have a seat?
Sometimes view of Linux is out dated, by more than a few years...
Linux is my best choice.
all I see is three bikes :P Using one kind of technology as an analogy for another seems a bit pointless.
CLEARLY from someone who's never used Linux. Lately.

Where's the ejection seat on that Windows motorcycle?
PC: you may customize, but you don't know when it will become BDOS (blue death of screen)
+John Pate Not really. UNIX is in fact a codebase. Both Mac OS X and *BSD systems are in fact UNIX, since they inherited the parts of the original UNIX system and say Linux is not which is a POSIX compatible UNIX-clone, but written from the scratch. BTW, OS X is not made of FreeBSD, but of the NetBSD user space on top of the XNU kernel.
Talk 2 me
cause i am really a cute and cuddly alien life form
Those thing are always opinion! No OS is perfect, just go for the one that match you! None of them match me 100% so I like to use them all, and crash some windows xp! ;p

Okay, I would just use them depending on my pc need!

FYI, PC is not a Windows, so stop calling your Windows a PC, call them Microsoft Windows!
For a apple pc running OS X, it okay to call it a Mac, but when talking about Operating System, call it Mac OS X
For Linux, just say your Linux OS name EX: Ubuntu, Linux…

Mac OS X and Linux does run Unix! Windows are said to not be running Unix!

PC = Personal Computer!
The Mac would be more aptly depicted as just one singular wheel.
Mac if for computer illiterate people with too much money.
Linux is for people who need to have full control, and would rather tinker with the majority of their applications to make them work right.
PC is for people who just want to get something done, or play a game.

Based on these ideas, it is very clear why Windows owns so much of the market share. Most people do not blow the extra money for a Mac that does less than a PC, and others do not have the skills needed or the drive to work with Linux.
this is great but a Mac cost more than a PC and that's not illustrated here that well.
+Ted Hess wrong. Linux OS runs on PC. PC is personal computers.
Now lets just look at something. each day hundreds of thoursands of Android phones are activated. Well they all run on linux based OS. Oh yeah addionally Linux is actually just a kernel. Ubuntu for example is a linux OS. And so is the Android.
+karina rodriguez is right that tricycle chould be covered in diamonds to shoe macs unneeded price vs pc
I like that since linux uses the same parts as a pc but you have to put it together yourself XD
but too bad a handful of linux systems can be installed just like windows
@ karina, you're right, the "mac" should be solid gold
windows.. psshh android beats all!
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