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That is one of the more cool science experiments!
Now, kids - your job for today is to pick up all the balls.  Detention for all of you if there are any left.
After that, teachers should gather 1,500 scattered ping pong balls again  :-) 
Shouldn't they wear some protective gloves or clothes when handling with liquid nitrogen? 
As long as you're careful enough not to get any on your hands or clothes you will be fine... 
is this  the big band theory of universe
Serval years before,a sentist told me that hands touching liquid nitrogen must be dry. +Rainer König
I'm handling liquid nitrogen all the time and for sure I don't use any protective clothes. Unless you would really pour it on yourself, you have any reason to wear that. And I rarely have some gloves. Contrary, if you took textile gloves, the nitrogen would freeze them and you would get hurt, so you always have to have something that doesn't pass liquids.
How come your gif is not converted to other format and is displaying properly? I simply cannot upload animated gif to g+.
Nice experiment :)
They need more Nitrogen liquid :)  
sick, wicked, badass all used as colloquialisms for awesome or terrific/great.  If you heard her say it you'd know by inflection that she meant the opposite. 
shows several things.  potential vs. kinetic energy, newtons 3rd(?) law for every action an equal and opposite reaction(why the garbage can shoots into the air) There's some thermodynamics demonstrated.  All kinds of lessons a science teacher could use this to demonstrate.  a physics class could calculate the energy released, the volume displaced.....
What is in the bottle? Who explain to me ah!
+ZhongJian Zhao there is liquid nitrogen, which has temperature something above -300°C. After it boils and evaporizes it expandes very much and after reaching some critical pressure it breaks the bottle.
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