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Chao Chen
The number of circles
Rabin Oli
all the above guys are smart.
I believe numbers are missing here.
Wow - it's as if I've been transported back to a couple of weeks ago!
I'm pretty sure it's a hoax that pre-school children actually solve it in 5 to 10 minutes, but saying that is part of the clue to solving it.

I had to Google the answer up though. Too used to seeing the numbers and not the numerals.
I saw this before. They say children can do better than adults, because they solve the problem by vision, but we always try to find the logical relations among these numbers.
+TECHNICS ► You make old news so interesting ;-)
+Ricardo Dirani I agree about the pre-school comment - I don't think many of them actually understand the concept or symbol for equality.
Answer is 2. Does that make me a preschooler?
count the number of places you could fill some color using MS paint fill tool
figured it out fast... reminds me of a dice game... "petals around the rose"
I am ashamed, would have never guessed, even though I passed math with almost highest score.
Pre-school children are still learning to count. Whomever created this graphic is certainly not the same person who constructed the question.
+Steve Mayne , and all, all , all
here is one more interesting, very inetresting as for me, variant of answer.delete from row :
1) 8809
15) 8096
all other the same
an it will be answer - 2 too
but with much more math logic ( not geo ( : )
2581 = 2.
I am not a pre-schooler nor a professional programmer. But it took me only 30 seconds to figure it out !
play the game a different way.

8809 =0
7111 =5
2172 =5
6666 =0
3213 =2
9313 =1
0000 =0
2222 =4
3333 =0
5555 =8
2581= ??
ok now please prove 9881 = 5 (?)
Numbers and shapes are two completely different things. Just a FYI it took a designer less than 5 minutes...
^^^^programmer btw less then 1 minute but i have seen it before
Thanks so much for giving away the answer - spoiled the puzzell for me in a single unintentioned glance!!!
It took me maybe 25 to 30 seconds and Im in highschool..fairly easy..and the answer to the last one..2....LoL :) Take THAT Pre-Calculus!! The first problem with numbers I can actually solve!!!
It has nothing to do with the numbers it has to do with the number of circles you see in the number. So 8809 has 6 circles in it.
You'll notice that people who write "brain teasers" like this tend not to attach their names thereto. Mainly because they are tired of hearing "*SIGH* Nobody likes a smart-ass, Steve".
Laston Kirkland: could it be 4 - the number of straight lines within each number
Couldn't figure this out I'm ashamed to say, despite figuring out petals around the rose fairly quickly.
2581= 2... Is that so hard to understand??
I don't think abstracting the numerals and seeing only the numbers is really "thinking too much".
2581 = 2

Value of

Add all the value..
remember those math exams that are either boring or too difficult to even spend any effort on, and you just spend the time shading all those spaces inside the numeric characters on the nines, eights, sixes, etc.? this problem is just a counting game, on how many 'spaces' inside the numbers did you fill with your pencil.

it should be easier with preschoolers who haven't yet experienced the exciting world of algorithms =Þ
That was better than coffee to get the mind going. Took about 2 min, so my brain must think like a preschooler before caffeine. ;-)
and I solved it in only 2 minutes, it is two..
This was fun! Probably going to have to follow this now.
two.................rounds n that are in eight
ya bitches aren't funny stfu no life dumb fukz
hai how are you I am kannan from thanjavur
hahaha... apparently designers get this VERY fast... the more logical you are the slower you will achieve the answer ;)

HINT: Count the holes!
2.... the number of completion of the circles like 8 is to and 89 is three..... =)
it is difficult.but can be solved after giving stress to my mind which i dont like
i figured it out

its 2

its counting the number of loops
leo kun
i got the right answer in 10 seconds. because i was too tired with logic, i simply chose a number. 10% chance of getting it right, and i was right!
yes you are right, it took me alot of time. I was messed up in numbers, but the logic is in the number of circles, so I guess the answer is 2
Just add up the number of circles in the numbers. For example, 8 has 2 circles so, 8809 has a total of 6 circles.
how am i supposed to answer any of it? is it trig? algebra?
when you see the solution you will shit bricks...
i was totally trolled.
I guess 2, with less than 1min viewing
Less than a minute. I have the brain of a pre-school child. It's NOT in a jar on my desk.
2, took about 5 seconds to see the answer there. similar to an alphabet pattern test that throws a lot of people off.
Ok but whats the question? My head hurts!
2and thatz the no. of circles...........
2581, someone doesn't know how to write Equations...
Dumb, took me 20mm to figure out the meaning of circle. Nothing to do with math at all.
its 2, less than a minute. just because your presented with a bunch of numbers and an equal sign doesn't mean its math.
I have no idea, but I'm still trying! Guess I'm not a preschooler.
WHY it's so easy took me 1min
all it is is find what each number stands for
like when 2222 is 0 all the 2's are 0's and when its 6666=4 then one 6=1
being true to myself...i'm not getting any clue for that......plzzz if anyone has solved it right...give the answer.....
2 minutes.. and im programmer.. or am i not :S
well, i would have NEVER got that.. i was going with 42
Nice... programmers from which company would take an hour ?
Answer is 2, but I have little doubt about statement that pre-school children can solve it...
Ooooooo! - But the answer has been given several times...
Great thinking puzzle... works in every language.
2.... in less than a minute... (1,2,3,5,7 all = 0, 0,6,9 all = 1, 8 = 2... no 4's shown, so hard to tell... I would guess 1, but could just as easily be 0.... trying not to give the answer ALL away here.
Wow this is crazy!
I don't see how the pre-school kids would figure this out in 5 to 10 minutes if they know how to count and simple math.
2 and +Laston Kirkland,it is 4
less then a minute here.. and i'm both a programmer and have higher education.. I think the statement is flawed.
half of ye are talking bullshite
the answer is 4? if im right took 5 mins.. lil disapointed in myself :(
it is so easy 2=0
i.e 2581 = 2
I am only 12 and I know it is the numbers of the circles.
Took about a minute. Key for me was noting that none of the example results was higher than six. Theoretically, eight is possible with this setup, but the fact that the results are so constrained rules out alot of possibilities.
I'm a programmer, didn't even take me a minute.
2 is the answer ; count the circles in the numbers.
I know how to search in google didn't took me more than 3 seconds
the answer is 2 its the amount of circles in each question so 8=2, 6=1 etc
my ans is also 2......
you are soo cool dude. nice try
2, cause 2581 has 2 circles? good one.
its bout
how many circles does the number have
The more you know the worse the answer (sorry programmers) Numbers and their manipulation (addition etc) is a distraction.
It took me like a minute to figure it out.. You'll have to think like a child..
Now then, who wants to do my calculus assignment? :D
ikr im a senior in high school
it's 8 billion to the power of 37.
Took me a couple of minutes to stop over-thinking it. Then another couple to assign the correct value to each symbol, and therefor come up with the correct answer.
But it never occurred to me that it is the number of holes, until I read through these comments.
(I am a programmer.)
Keep at it. You'll get it eventually. And do pay attention to the blurb at the top: it's a hint. Think about it. ...What would a kindergartener do with this if they had been looking at it for five minutes?

Think about it.
Adam M
The preschoolers would only answer this quicker of they were given instructions. But the answer is 2.
wow man that's not even fair
'pre-school children' is useful I got the answer about in one minute:)
+Kyle Whitney It has nothing to do with mathematics, other than counting how often a certain event occurs. The numbers on the left could be simple symbols, like a circle or a triangle or a figure eight, or even letters.
Here's a hint: P = 1. BOY = 3. BOTTLE = 3. APPLE = 3. & = 2. $ = 2. % = 2. !^*)( = 0
found have to count the number of circles in each number that also includes the circles in 6,8,9 and 0
i really can't solve it in one or more years!!! how the children do that in 5 min????????? :-O kidding me??
U wonder how many people realize that every single answer is wrong as the number 8 is not actually comprised of actual circles. While the numbers 9, 6, and obviously 0 do contain circles the letter 8 is not. If u said the number of enclosures then it might be correct but saying the number of circles is very inaccurate.
i am so stuck on stupid right now :)
ok i get it its counting the circles in the numbers so the awnser is two
2... LOLZZ...........
Wow... this one was tough... No more than 10min, but had to really switch the brain on; 2
Im in 5th grade and I knew right away.
Preschool children my arse they would just rip it to shreds and drool all over it
read the above post,i understand.
1111=0 means 1+1+1+1=0 so 1=0.
9999=4 means 9+9+9+9=4 so 9=1
0000=4 means 0+0+0+0=4 so 0=1.
so if 8809 =6 8+8+0+9=6 ,two 8 =6-1-1=4 (0=1,9=1) and 8 =2
at last 2581=0+0+2+0=2(5 is 0)
I didn't cheat and it honestly took me about 5 minutes. It would have been harder without the description, which basically tells you the answer.
How do you get 2?
Can someone explain it to me? lol
Took me 4 minutes...3:55 of that trying to dismiss all thoughts of "math"...which is the problem with a riddle like this: its title is "Math Question" but it has nothing at all to do with math or arithmetic!
Dav Bob
It was 2 the last time this was on the what's hot tab and the time before so I can be pretty sure it will be 2 this time as well.
I'd like to meet those pre-school children.
Wel,, solved it in 5 secs. I have an IQ of a toddler.
it has multiple answers: = 8 = 6+9 = 0+0
my level is pre-school child (it took me 3 mins) :D
30 seconds! I feel very lateral thinking advantaged today. Maybe it's the sleep dep.
now I see why there are no "4" in the 4 digit numbers. Because 4 is a bit ambiguos in this problem. Should it count or not? lol

It only makes sense after I saw the answer. Now I know why. The smarter you are the more complicated you make it.
Laston Kirkland, in that way 2581 = 4
2, and I don't call that a math question.
Yikes, that's a good one. Took me about 4 minutes. Abstract math is the best math.
It's 2. There are 2 closed loops. Nothing to do with math
The answer is two. In ten seconds or so 
number of circles,but i am not a preschool child :)
=2, 3 minutes - does that make me uneducated?
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Answer is 2, i could see it in 15 second, lol - that is bad!
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In less than 10 minutes \o/ and i'm a programmer xD

I get the answer by given each number a value like this:

0 1
1 0
2 0
3 0
4 ?
5 0
6 1
7 0
8 2
9 1
8 have 2 circles..............................................................................................................
answer is 2 because its counting the circles within each line of numbers. :)
People with things to do will look at it for a minute and then get back to work.
in less than a minute...I have the mind of a child!
I can see how it could be over-thought:)
Get real Geople.
This post again? Really¿
Count the f'n loops. They at least tell the kids that.
I'm considering going back to facebook.
Got it in around 5 minutes....Wonder if that means I think like a preschool child...
<-- programmer here, knew what was going on after looking at the firstnumber. same for my colleagues, so your point is invalid. programmers can just abstract better than the rest of the world. while you'rebusy counting circles, we do stuff. so, play this games with your children, since you're like them (meaning smart, what else? ;)) ps: fuck off :)
Numbers have been pounded into our mind as being representations of values. Being able to look past this bias is not a sign of a weak mind. Solved < 2mins.
Solved it in 3 Seconds, As i read the first comment :P
escuse me, but not so many people are as smart as some pre- schoolers like you!
i have a degree and figured it out in around 30s... so time scales not strictly true
Even without the obvious visual aspect, all you need to do it associate each number with an associated number, i.e. 6 = 1, because 4*6 =4, same goes for 9, and 0, and from that you can figure out that 8 is worth 2.
the answers are equal to the number of circles within each number
Colouring it in gives you the answer
im pretty sure if I gave this to my five year old cousin, she wouldnt think of the fucking circles
It took me sometimes too, May be because the question is a bit misleading. in one side of the equation we have shapes and on the other side the numbers. when we look at an equation, our brain tries to find a relation between two sides. we relate numbers to numbers and shapes to shapes because each of them belongs to a different group. If you haven't been able to find the answer fast it means you have a rational brain. You are a logical thinker and you relay on facts in problem solving. In short the left side of your brain is more active than your right side... if you could figure it out fast, you are sort of visionary, you can be good artists, imaginative and as a result less rational! So the speed of solving the puzzle does not mean you are intelligent or stupid, it just means which side of your brain is more active!
took about 10 seconds for me to figure out what it was, answer is 2
I couldn't figure this out until thinking about preschoolers being able yo figure it out. Then I got it immediately! 
+Miodrag Stojilkovic I wouldn't be to ashamed as it really isn't related to math but is intended to give that impression to an educated person. However the comment of "pre-schoolers" being able to solve it quicker then all others should make most people identify it is based on what perceptions they would have for the answer, symbols(circles).
I solve this in 3 min. How old am I? Who am I? Try to slove this problem :)))))
what's wrong with me then?.. took few seconds (the answer is 2, right?)...(former programmer btw)
I remember doing this exact puzzle once before, and yet it still took me twenty minutes.
it took my 2:30hrs ....... :(
yah it's 2
if........... 2581=???
then must understand the answer is 3 digits wether you subtract or adtion must 3 digits my answer is posible:
I'm a programmer, didn't take me an hour. Say around 5 minutes. ;)
2581 = 2 is the number of circles in the numbers
My 2 cents :
- We have to think "out of the box", not very easy unfortunately...
- Google+ is the right place for a puzzle about Circles ;-)
Well I am not smart but I am not blind either. I did not see the circles as the answer but once told it was circles I saw the answers. I did not need further explanation. So maybe that counts for something? lol

following the squence 5 should equal 25 BUT since 1= 5 then 5 must =1
D. Hale
The problem is topological rather than numerical...
(programmer) I totally got this in 5 minutes by assigning the value to each digit and then adding those values together... but it wasn't until I looked at the comments that I realized the value was number of circles. I just saw that 0 = 1, 9 = 1, 6 = 1, 8 = 2 and solved. DOH!
2! is that mean I'm still pre-school child?#lol :)
+Antonela Haidar You and me both. According to the intro, I should have taken around an hour to work it out ;-) Then I saw the comment that answered it, and fun was over.
6 seconds... but i have the maturity of a pre-schooler
2 - ive seen this before and it had to be dumbed down for me to get it.
9999 = 4 so from 8809 = 6 -> 8 needs to be 3, not 2
It's the number of circles that can be colored in, like in an 8 for example the top and bottom can both be colored in, so that's 2.
count the circles in the numbers....
Dubu Soon
well, i plugged it into my prototype quantum calculator, applying fuzzy logic algorithm judiciously and with deliberate stubborness
I got it in 5 - interesting pattern recogniition.

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