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Shoe design :)
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The joke is either over my head and I don't get the reference, or I fully understand it and it's really lame. Regardless, if the "Stahp" is a real product, the designer needs to be smacked.
+Gareth Hannaway Yeah, I read 'internet-moron' as a second language. I figured it meant 'stop'. But like I said, the joke is either over my head, or so simple that it's beyond stupid.
I own those black reeboks, and I run on a daily basis. They look silly, but feel like clouds. Their better then the Nike Free's I had before. 
Beyond stupid. I hate internet "slang". I mean, its not even an acronym, its just fucked up spelling, which is apparently "cool".
It's "hip to be illiterate."
Reebok flex (top right corner) are the most comfortable shoes ever.    I would recommend them to everyone.  Like walking on clouds.
Hey now, the realflex shoes were good. I have 2 pairs of those. 
Dafuq are those rebook people smoking?... look at both shoes below, they're so damn ugly...
The first and third ones arent that bad
The squiggly Reebok one was pretty good. I almost bought that one, but decided instead to buy one about twice as expensive (I don't usually do that), a Nike AirMax. It was worth it, it takes so much weight off my back that I walk like flying compared to my old shoes.
Have more reebok shoes !
Reebok looks pretty good and ppl say it feels good too and Staph looks pretty good to
i have one of those squiligy shoes (bottom left)
whats the product name of the shoes ( bottom right ); :D
Are those gas exhausts? 
product name : ATV 19+ ;)
Jason H
i like the black ones
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